How Gaming Innovation Drives Retail Growth in the Middle East

31 Jan 2024
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  • How Gaming Innovation Drives Retail Growth in the Middle East
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The Rise of Gaming in Consumer Markets and the Retail Industry

The gaming industry is no longer a niche; it’s a global phenomenon with significant growth in the Middle East.

  • Saudi Arabia holds about 45% of the Middle East’s gaming sector, valued at over $1.8 billion.
  • UAE attracts international gaming developers, making it a hub for gaming innovation. 
  • The region’s gaming market is projected to hit $6 billion by 2027, indicating a robust consumer base for brands.
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Targeting Diverse Audiences in the Gaming World

Gaming’s appeal transcends traditional demographic boundaries, embracing all age groups, genders, and interests. 

  • In Saudi Arabia, mobile gaming dominates; accounting for 65% of the market revenue. 
  • The UAE focuses on creating a conducive environment for gaming businesses, supported by initiatives like the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre’s Gaming Centre. 
  • The diverse and growing gaming audience offers vast opportunities for consumer engagement.

Huge Brands’ Creative Marketing Strategies in Gaming:

  • The retail sector is increasingly recognizing gaming as a key marketing platform.
  • Brands are increasingly recognizing gaming’s potential. 
  • Luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have ventured into gaming, offering virtual clothing and accessories for avatars on platforms like Roblox and in games created by Riot Games. 
  • IKEA’s launch of gaming-specific furniture signifies the sector’s expansive reach and potential.
  • At PLG, we’ve created an ADIDAS and NAMSHI brand activation in Fortnite’s Battle Royale, and it generated $1.4M in sales

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Impact Analysis: Gaming Campaigns and Consumer Response:

  • Integrating consumer brands in gaming environments has shown positive consumer responses, leading to increased brand engagement and recall. 
  • The gaming market’s data-driven nature allows for targeted marketing strategies, tapping into the unique preferences of diverse gaming demographics.

Consumer Markets and Retail Brands Adapting to Gaming-Centric Marketing:

  • As gaming technology evolves, brands must stay ahead with innovative marketing techniques.
  • Worldwide, and even in the Middle East, brands are focusing on gaming.
  • Saudi Arabia’s ambition to become a global gaming center and the UAE’s development of gaming hubs suggest that gaming will continue to be a key player in consumer engagement.

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