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Engage a MENA Gen Z Audience and create unforgettable experiences with PLG’s gaming strategies.

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From immersive branded gaming ecosystems, to unique IP collaborations, that place your brand at the heart of the action to exclusive virtual events that resonate with your specific audiences, PLG bridges the gap between gaming and your brand’s essence.

Entertainment Brand Highlights

Explore our stunning gallery of Lifestyle & Entertainment campaigns.

Explore our stunning gallery of Lifestyle & Entertainment campaigns.


Why Lifestyle and Entertainment Brands are Turning to the Virtual Realm


Create 360° branded gaming campaigns, which resonate with Gen Z audiences throughout the MENA region, driving unparalleled ROI.

Data-Driven Insights & Analytics

Take advantage of our data and insight of MENA gaming behaviours and trends, to reach and resonate with Gen Z audiences.

Gaming Strategy

Leverage our expertise in gaming and esports to tailor strategies that forge meaningful connections between Gen-Z Audiences and your brand. We understand the gaming ecosystem inside out, enabling us to position your tech offerings strategically.

Immersive Content Production

Explore our state-of-the-art gaming and esports studio, a space dedicated to producing cutting-edge content. The PLG Studio, set across 10,000 SQFT in Dubai, is where creativity meets technology, ensuring your brand is showcased in the most captivating and immersive manner.

Gaming Influencer Collaborations

Partner with renowned gaming influencers for product placements, reviews, or exclusive virtual events, amplifying brand reach and resonance.


Create original and on-brand e-sports activities and tournaments to engage with the MENA esports audience.

Influencer Excellence

Dive into our gaming influencer campaigns, designed to outperform all other activations in this space. Our team manages leading gaming influencers in the MENA region, creating disruptive and creative campaigns that drive outstanding engagement and ROI.

Social Mastery

Our social teams excel in building MENA’s largest branded gaming ecosystems. We understand the gaming landscape, ensuring your tech brand reaches gaming audiences at the right time, keeping them engaged while delivering robust ROI.

Strategic Paid Media

Benefit from our deep platform and ecosystem knowledge to optimize your brand’s presence. We know where gamers spend most of their time and when, ensuring your tech brand engages effectively with the gaming community and surpasses industry benchmarks.

Success Stories Showcase

Discover how Lifestyle brands elevated their value with PLG’s 360 Campaigns for gaming audiences.

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