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Prize: $10,000 At the PLG Grand Slam

PLG Nationals Season 3 | League of Legends 5v5 |South Afria Online Qualifiers

Start Date: 23 Oct 18 / 20:00

End Time: 02 Nov 18 / 23:00

Country: All Countries

Category: Open

Platform: PC

Team Type: 5v5

Event Type: Bracket

Event Format: Double Elemination

Age restriction: 13+

South Africa Online Qualifiers

Welcome to the 3rd season of the PLG Nationals with League of legends brought to you by Legion by Lenovo , bringing bigger prizes and looking for the best team in the MENA Region .

This registration page is only for the South African teams to register and participate in the PLG nationals series .


Each of the teams will compete for a chance to advance to the PLG Grand Slam that will take place in December, representing their country and region, competing over a prize pool of $10,000, and the winner will be crowned as the PLG Grand Slam champion .

All players must be above 13 years of age and all teams must provide valid contact information , failure of providing valid contact information will result in the team not being registered

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