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Prize: $10,000 Prize Pool for the PLG Nationals finals

PLG Nationals | Overwatch 6v6 | Season 3 Qualifiers presented by Omen by HP and powered by Intel

Start Date: 01 Jul 18 / 08:00

End Time: 15 Aug 18 / 08:00

Category: Open

Tournament type: Online Tournament

Platform: PC

Team Type: 6v6

Event Type: Bracket

Event Format: Single Elemination

Age restriction: 13+


Welcome to the 3rd season of the PLG Nationals with Overwatch presented by Omen by HP and powered by Intel Core i7. Split into three dedicated brackets, KSA will have its dedicated online qualifier (July 1st to July 14th), followed by the Levant and North Africa qualifier, which will include Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria (from July 15th to July 31st) and finally the remaining GCC countries including Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait (August 1st to August 15th)


Each of the teams will compete for a chance to advance in the finals, representing their country and region, and eventually be playing in a Top 8 seeding tournament before the Regional Finals of the 3rd Season. The Nationals will have a prize pool of $10,000 this season and teams will have a chance to advance to later regional championship such as the PLG Grand Slam where they will compete for even greater glory and rewards.


The third season of the PLG Nationals on Overwatch will allow a mix of players from the different country (including 1 Stand in) as long as all 6 players have proof of valid residency in the 11 listed nations. This will allow teams of multinational players to participate in the same team but they will need to decide which country they represent in the qualifiers through to the finals throughout the season. To register for this tournament, team captains will need to fill in the important details of your core 6-man team (plus stand-in). This includes the name of the captain and point of contact (phone number or email address), as well as the country they represent. Note that all players need to be a legal resident (with valid Residency Visa or Country ID) or national with the countries listed, and numerous other details in the form below



PRIZE: $10,000 Prize Pool for the PLG Nationals finals

PRIZE VALUE: $10,000 Prize Pool for the PLG Nationals finals

This year the PLG Nationals will have its own prize pool outside of other continuing competitions like the PLG Grand Slam. The third season of the PLG Nationals with Overwatch presented by Omen by HP and powered by Intel will have a prize pool of $10,000 split as following:

First place: $4000
Second place: $2000
Third and fourth place: $1000
Fifth to eight place: $500


وفي هذا العام ، سيكون لدى PLG Nationals جائزة خاصة بها خارج المسابقات المستمرة الأخرى مثل PLG Grand Slam. سيكون للموسم الثالث من PLG Nationals للعبة Overwatch الذي قدمه Omen By HP وتدعمه Intel مجموع جوائز قيمتها 10000 دولار على النحو التالي:

المركز الأول: 4000 دولار
المركز الثاني: 2000 دولار
المكان الثالث والرابع: 1000 دولار
من الخامس إلى الثامن: 500 دولار


For more detailed rules and regulations, please visit the official PLG general Overwatch Tournaments Rules & Regulations page.

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