The road to the Injustice 2 Regional Finals and PLG MKX Champion aiming for glory internationally

As we get closer to the regional finals in July, local Middle East players are getting ready for the numerous PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Tournament Series qualifiers throughout this month of June. Sunday night saw the end of the online qualifier for the PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Tournament Series, where participants from Bahrain, Kuwait, KSA, Oman, UAE, Jordan and Lebanon competed for two spots in the regional finals.

The online qualifier witnessed the comeback of many names from our previous fighting game tournaments, including the 2015 Mortal Kombat X Jordanian finalist Ahmad “Adnimry” Abu-Nimry finishing fifth alongside Bahraini player Aseel Bin Razack, after losing in the fourth round of the loser brackets as Black Adam. His opponent was none other than Bahraini player Aziz “XAzeez” Aljowder, our 2016 Mortal Kombat XL Middle East Cup Finals Runner-up and MKXL International Cup Finalist at Dreamhack Summer 2016, who seemed to have followed the path of his friend, compatriot and Middle East MKX Champion Sayed Hashem, switching gears to Injustice 2 playing mostly as DC Comic’s iconic Superman and Batman. Making his way to the loser brackets finals, Aziz proved his might after defeating [LEB] Malek “MLK2294” Kaawar’s Batman with a combination of that same character and Dr. Fate, to get back to the winner bracket and meet up with his tournament only match-up rival Baraa “SharkTeeth” Aljaadi from KSA.


Abdulzaziz “X-Azeez” Aljowder celebrating after his comeback win against Spanish Karnff7 in the MKXL International Cup at Dreamhack 2016

The latter, a known and devoted Aquaman player is the reason Azeez was tossed in the loser bracket, and continued his path to the final rounds of the winner bracket after winning, Ahmad Abu-Nimry, Malek Kaawar and his KSA compatriot Mohamad “Iam_hamou” Hamou. Both Baraa “SharkTeeth” Aljaadi and Aziz “XAzeez” Aljowder will be reaching the PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Tournament Series Regional Finals later in July, to compete for a prize pool of $5000, as well as the grand prize of a trip to VSFighting 2017, one of the international Injustice 2 Championship Series Premiere Event, for another $20000 and ranking points for the global tournament, set to happen from 12-13 August, at Millennium Point, Birmingham.

On the front of the international Injustice 2 Championship Series, our 2-times PLG and Middle East Mortal Kombat X Champion Sayed “Tekken Master” Hashem is in full competitive mode, competing already against internationally and world champions From Europe and America at both Combo Breaker 2017 in May and CEO 2017 this past weekend.

Now playing for Nasr eSports, picked up after grabbing second place at EVO 2016 Mortal Kombat world tournament (a first for any Arab), Sayed is one of many players waving the local club banner, alongside other accomplished players in the region such as the 2016 Fanta Masters Regional Champion Saif Haddadin, 2-times FIWC finalist Abdulaziz Shiddo and 2016 SFV Middle East Champion Adel “Big Bird” Anouche.

Sayed Hashem finishing 2nd at Combo Breaker Injustice 2 Tournament .Image (c) Robert Paul

Sayed Hashem finishing 2nd at Combo Breaker Injustice 2 Tournament .Image (c) Robert Paul

Currently ranked 4th in the Injustice 2 Championship Series, alongside names like Nicolas “WhiteBoi” Andersen, Dominique “SonicFox” McLean and Frank “Slayer” Perales, he finished 1st in Mortal Kombat XL and 2nd in Injustice 2 Combo Breaker Tournaments, yet sadly ending 16th at CEO 2017.

Sayed stated to PLG that he is proud to reach the top 16 and is working hard for the 2017 EVO Championship Series in July, to be able represent his country, his family and the Arab fighting game community proudly, and hopefully achieve better results than the 2016 tournament. You too could make history like Sayed, as both the UAE Live qualifier and Bahrain Animania Live qualifiers of the PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Tournament Series are still open for players to secure their spot in the regional finals and potentially advance to the International Championship Series via VSFighting 2017.

Click here to register to the UAE Live qualifier, and for those of you flying or attending Animania on June 30th, make sure to click here to register to the Bahrain Live Qualifier, to secure one of four spots to the regional finals. You can also click here to visit the dedicated PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Tournament Series page for the latest results and information.

Editor’s Note: Image used for the cover of this feature is courtesy of Robert Paul. Click here to visit his official portfolio