General Rules

  • Eligibility

Only players who are of legal age to play the game and not otherwise prohibited by law to enter the competition, may participate.

For a team to be eligible to participate in the ROG MASTERS qualifiers, all of the five playing players must be from the country they try to qualify for. They must either hold the passport or be a legal resident of that country for more than 180 days (with valid residency visa).

For example: A German national residing in the UAE under legal residency visa can participate / a French national on a tourist visa in the UAE cannot participate. No special case will be made regarding age or residency for participants.

A valid passport is mandatory, to be able to fly to the UAE for the Middle East finals, and are eligible for an entry visa. If a visa is needed to enter the UAE for the Middle East finals, denial for a visa to the UAE or is not the responsibility of the Power League Gaming, Asus and each of their respective parents (if applicable), subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officers, directors, advertising and promotion agencies, including each of the foregoing identified entities’ respective parents, subsidiaries and affiliates.

Flights and accommodations to the UAE are prizes given by Asus for the final teams qualified for the Middle East tournament. If any of the Middle East qualified players were denied entry visa to the UAE, the value of the flights and accommodations to the same country will not be reimbursed in the form of a cash prize.

  • Behavior

Insults, racism or similar offences by a player, is not tolerated and can lead to a ban of the player or even disqualification of the entire team.

  • Scheduling

Matches may not be rescheduled and must be played according to the qualifier’s schedule.

  • Stand-ins

Stand-ins are players that temporary replace an absent player. A team may only make use of two stand-ins at a time. Stand-in players need to be picked according to the same eligibility rules as the main team roster players.

A stand-in may not be a member of another team or have played a game for another team within the same stage of the competition.

  • Punctuality

If a team is not ready to start the game 15 minutes after the match is scheduled, the other team may request a free win from the tournament administration. Note that the schedule for a match may change due to delay in the tournament or a previous match is still ongoing.

  • Commitments

By attending the competition participants acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations and with the statements and decisions made by the administration.

Every participant acknowledges the right for the administration to modify the rules and regulations for adjustments at any time without notice and if necessary overrules those to ensure fair play throughout the competition.

  • Cheating

The usage of any game-related tool aside from Steam and the game itself during a match is strictly forbidden.

Abusing a bug or trying to get an advantage by watching a livestream of the match is also strictly forbidden.

  • Roster Changes / Ownership of a team

A team may change their official players as long as the majority of the players stays together until the next phase of the tournament starts.

A team’s slot and all their success is owned by the majority of the players.

Example: If three of the five players leave the team, they will continue to own all of the team’s success.

CS:GO Rules

  • Starting Side – Knife Round

In order to decide who starts first as Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist, a knife round is played, where all players must only a knife. The team that wins the knife round may choose the side they want to start with.

  • Game settings / Server settings

All maps are played using the competitive settings. The maximum number of rounds is 30. If a team wins 16 rounds, it wins the map. If the teams are tied 15:15 then the overtime settings take effect.

  • Overtime settings

If a match is tied after 30 rounds (15:15) the overtime will automatically start.

Overtimes are played with max rounds three (3 rounds on each side) and a start money of 16,000. If both teams are tied after an overtime, the overtime will continue with the same settings until a clear winner is found.

  • Server Location

One or more server locations are available to choose from. If both teams can’t agree on a server location then an admin will decide on one instead.

  • Spectators / GOTV

Only administrators and official broadcasters may directly spectate a game. Anyone else may only spectate using GOTV.

Coaching is disabled by default.

  • Screenshots

Every team has to take a screenshot of the scoreboard after a finished map so it’s clear to see what the score was and which team won.

  • Mappool








  • Map Vote

For Best-of-One matches (Bo1) both teams alternately eliminate one map until only one map is left Example with a Team A and a Team B: (A-B-A-B-A-B).

The remaining map will be played. The team mentioned first in the matchup starts with the procedure (is team A).

  • Demos

Every participant has to record a demo for each map. Demos have to include knife rounds and overtimes if played. Demos have to be saved at least for one week after the match and have to be provided to the administration if requested. A team may request up to two demos after a completed match if they have reason to believe that the other team broke the rules.

The request has to be done within 15 minutes after a match ended.

  • Scripts

The usage of scripts in general is strictly forbidden. The only exceptions are buy, toggle and demo scripts.

  • Server Crash

In case a server crashes and the score is lost, the map must be loaded again and the score restored. Players can type “/kill” into the developer console until the previous score is restored.