Road to the Grand Slam – PLG Nationals CS:GO Tournament Series Season 2

The PLG Grand Slam, November 29th to Dec 2nd 2017 is the ultimate destination for every competitive gamer trying to make a name for themselves in the region and hopefully beyond. If you seek glory, then seek the road that leads to the PLG Grand Slam. Lucky for you, we happen to have the map!

Before you make it to the final stage, you will need to qualify through the PLG Nationals Season 1 or 2 of 2017, in order to be one of the Top 8 teams that will feature in the PLG Pro Tour seeding prior to the Grand Slam.


So far 4 teams from Season 1 have qualified to the Pro Tour including [LEB] Team Spotnet, [JOR] Evil Corporation, [KWT] Team RvN, and [UAE]Risky Gaming. Those who failed to qualify in Season 1 will now have a chance to try again in Season 2.

4 spots remain in the PLG Pro Tour for CSGO that will come from PLG Nationals Season 2 set to start on the 15th of September 2017 and end on the 14th of October. You can start registering to this right now on the dedicated registration page via:

Once we are set with the Top 8 teams, the PLG Pro Tour will begin on the 22nd of October 2017 to battle it out in a Double Elimination format until only 4 teams are seeded to the PLG Grand Slam. An all expenses paid trip to the PLG Grand Slam awaits the best CS:GO Teams in the GCC Levant and North Africa.

Important notes:

PLG Nationals to Pro Tour Rules

If you qualify from the PLG Nationals to PLG Pro Tour and PLG Grand Slam, these rules will apply.

Squad/Roster Change: All qualified teams to the regional PLG - Pro Tour are allowed to make 50% squad changes if they wish (2/5 in 5-man teams), and those players need to be residence from the GCC Levant or North African countries. Changes must be declared and approved, before their first match begins and must remain with that squad until the end of the Grand Slam. Teams are not allowed to accept or seek any transfer of players from qualified PLG Pro Tour teams, they can however recruit from eliminated teams in the Nationals. 

Team Name Changes: Teams can apply to change their Team Name for the Pro Tour, but cannot become part of an existing participating team in the Pro Tour, i.e. a team cannot move under the management of an existing eSports organization in the Pro Tour. 

Team Reformation: If all team members wish to exit a qualified team and rename then this must be without contractual consequence from their existing team owner. That squad will only be allowed to remain in the Pro Tour if all original members agree to leave the team, once that has happened then the “Squad/Roster Change” rules will apply. If any original member remains with the original qualified team, then re-entry under a new name for the exiting players will not be approved. 

Team Withdraws: If a team withdraws from the Pro Tour the next team in line from the same territory Nationals bracket will be offered the place, and so on until the space is filled. 

Have Questions on PLG Tournaments?

We urge all managers and captains to write to formally and with clear questions if they have any questions or seek clarifications on the competitions, the squad and team rules.

PLG will not answer the following queries

PLG will not accept or enter into dialogue with players seeking to settle disputes with managers over contractual commitments or vice versa and with other players. PLG will only accept questions and queries from Team Captains, Managers and Owners specific to league, cup and tournament rules and or any other relevant query. While we do sympathize with players greatly that find themselves in unwanted situations with their team, manager or contract and vice versa, we urge all parties to seek legal advice before signing any documents in eSports (once again PLG cannot act in the case of such disputes or take any side in such a matter).