PLG Victory League with Battlefield 4 | Spring Season Results

For the first time in the history of the Battlefield franchise, EA and DICE collaborate with Power League Gaming to give you the biggest Battlefield 4 Tournament in the Arab World. The tournament was set to accommodate players of both Arab Nationality and Foreign residents of the Arab World.

The $10,000 tournament hosted 16 of the best teams in the Arab world 2 of which were newly formed from players with high individual skill but are not part of a professional team. These teams were formed on the Draft Days of the Victory League where we hosted open lobbies for solo players to prove themselves on live stream and sort them out into teams.

Team nationalities included Oman, UAE, KSA, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and Sudan. Multiple teams from other countries like Jordan and Palestine were a little too late to register before the deadline but showed a lot of support to this amazing event that brought together a vast variety of players, teams, and fans alike.

All rules and regulations for admission and in-game behavior were on par with EA and DICE Standards that promote Fair Play and Sportsmanship conduct. Players below 18 years of age were not allowed to take part in this tournament and each team was allowed a maximum of 1 Arab Player located outside the Arab world in fear of creating an unfair disadvantage due to lower ping for players outside the MENA region. Foreign players residing in the Arab World were more than welcome to take part in this tournament and that promoted multicultural appearances and teams with multiple nationalities.

The first round was an onslaught of highlight reels and dramatic moments as the teams went on to battle it out in a Single Elimination 3 Map series with 4 out of 7 maps banned by both team captains. A few matches ended in a one sided fashion but other games that brought together old rivals were almost decided on the last round of the 3rd game.

A memorable game in the first round was between Team ZiRCON from Egypt vs Clan TNT from Iraq where we saw an epic performance from both teams but Clan TNT proved to be one of the strongest contenders that enjoyed a great selection of talented players from Iraq, Tunis, and Syria. Their performance was fueled with high individual skill and pure domination of the game. It was very unfortunate that the team was disqualified for breaking the rules on very minor occasions for using banned weapons that resulted in advancing Team ZRC to the next round. Their loss though, does not illustrate their weakness as that was not the case, in fact it was said that they may be the strongest team in the tournament. Rules are harsh but they are placed for a reason and that is to promote fair play and encourage discipline.

The quarter finals were a very interesting round where we saw a good mix of talent between teams from Sudan and the UAE. Lazy tactics from Sudan made their way through the first round after defeating Omangers almost effortlessly despite the fact that each and every player from the Omani team had higher individual statistics but fell short against the organized chaos that rained down on them from the Sudanese team. Evil Minions also played a good round defeating ZSquad as they move on to the quarter finals against team rivals. Evil Minions was the first team to set foot in the finals as they waited for their ultimate rival also from Egypt to fight their way through to the finals.

The Semifinals were overshadowed with the thrilling display of teamwork, coordination, and individual skill from Team Head Hunters who just went on a complete tear against Team ZRC and gave us a show we could never forget. It was under the leadership of their team Captain, Ahmad Adel aka EGY Ghost, that proved to everyone that tactics and positioning will win more games than by using sheer force and gun on gun fights. They later moved on to face the Draft Day known as NEMO Squad. It was an obliteration from the Double HH team as they proved to be the stronger team with the higher levels of experience. They exposed the weaknesses of NEMO Squad by seeing through their channels of miscommunication and capitalized on their mistakes. This was not taken lightly by the draft day team but they showed amazing sportsmanship and even more determination, instead of being discourages they were inspired to become a professional team and put in the effort for it.

As we moved on to the final stage of the tournament, we finally got a chance to see the top 2 teams from Egypt and arguably the top in the Arab world clash against each other with a long history of rivalry between them. Everyone expected it to be close and at many points of the game it was. But after each and every clinching moment and round of the game, Head Hunters always managed to walk away with the win in each Map against their nemesis, Evil Minions.

It was an explosion of highlights from the minute the teams spawn till the last ticket as the round of each map is concluded. Team Evil Minions with the leadership of their captain, Mahmoud Arabi aka [EM] Potential put on a great performance along with their star players but always seemed to fall short after every round as they got outplayed by their rivals in a manner they were not prepared for. Head Hunters were making the better calls and holding down the better spots all over the map and made sure that no trade, gun fight, or rotation would not be converted to capitalizing on the objective.

Team Evil Minions may as well be the top contender in the Arab World but fell short against the Champions of the PLG Victory League, Team Head Hunters. The MVP award was not granted to one player as originally intended as the performance of Star Fall in the finals was beyond remarkable but could not simply overshadow the consistent effort of calling shots and decision making as the team Captain, EGY Ghost, has been doing all tournament. The award was then split into two categories where the Finals MVP award goes to Star Fall and the League MVP award goes to EGY Ghost.

To apply for the next season, please read the full instructions on the PLG Victory League – Battlefield 4 – Spring Season page on our site.