PLG Victory League with Battlefield 4 | Spring Season MVP

Team Head Hunters has proven to be the most dominant team in the PLG Victory League, and arguably in the whole of the Arab World, as they move on to secure first place and the biggest slice of the $10,000 prize pool. Just like a ship, a team cannot steer way to victory without the guidance of an experienced skipper, introducing the Commander – in – Chief, Ahmad Adel aka EGY Ghost. Ghost has been known for his extensive experience in the Battlefield franchise and it all started in Bad Company 2. His forte was to formulate the best strategies needed for each side of each map in every mode. His leadership took his team through the stages of the tournament almost effortlessly. Team Head Hunters was a team that enjoyed a very high level of individual skill but completely respects the importance of teamwork, synergy, and strategy.

Ahmad’s positioning in every game was his strongest weapon as he would not always position himself in lines of sight that would get him a high kill death ratio but it would provide critical information for his teammates and at some points it would give him a crucial advantage when suppressing an objective and control the spawn. His performance has definitely been a major factor in getting the title for his team which is why up until the finals EGY Ghost was the top Nominee for the MVP award. That was until his teammate Mostafa Hassan aka Star Fall, decided to single handedly steal the show at the finals. Known to be one of 2 slayers from Team Head Hunters, along with Kill or Die, he has always been the tip of the spear pushing his way to the objective as he destroys his opponents in gun on gun fights.

His captain was the one nominated for the MVP award but due to the extremely convincing performance in the finals he made the committee to reconsider the format of the MVP award splitting the $1000-dollar award to two categories: League MVP which goes to Ahmad Adel, EGY Ghost and captain of Head Hunters, and the Finals MVP which goes to Mostafa Hassan, Star Fall, highest KDA and performance in the best of 5 finals against Evil Minions.

To apply for the next season, please read the full instructions on the PLG Victory League – Battlefield 4 – Spring Season page on our site.