PLG Tournaments at Egypt Games Week – The Results

Set from August 18th to August 20th, Egypt’s first community event – Egypt Games Week – hosted numerous of PLG tournaments, including the FIFA 15 – PLG Nationals Egypt, Mortal Kombat X – PLG Cup Season 2, PLG Legendary Tour – Egypt Games Week Qualifiers and the NVIDIA Geforce Cup Egypt.

Over the course of three days, many winners walked away with cash and gear prizes, but that’s not the end of the road for all of them, as they will continue in regional championships to compete against their neighbored countries for bigger prizes and glory.

PLG Tournaments at EGW (1)

FIFA 15 – PLG Nationals Egypt

Egyptians love football and we know it, and with over 300 players registered to FIFA 15 – PLG Nationals Egypt at Egypt Games Week, it was bound to find some of the best virtual footballer in the country.

After two long day of virtual matches during Egypt Games Week, with over 800 matches completed, 16 final players walked away with brand new PlayStation 4. These same finalists continued all the way to discover the best two who will represent Egypt as Wild Cards in the regional championship finals in Dubai later this year.

PLG Tournaments at EGW (2)

Without further ado, congratulations to Mohamed Ali Salman and Mohamed Methat, winners of the FIFA 15 | PLG Nationals tournament at Egypt Games Week, which we wish the best at the Regional Championship Finals against players from all over the Middle East and North Africa countries.


Mortal Kombat X – PLG Cup Season 2

At Egypt Games Week, it was time to discover the Egyptian Mortal Kombat X champion, which will head to the next installment of the Regional Championship in Dubai in November. The lucky player will have the chance to face off against the Mortal Kombat X champions from all over the region and some of Europe’s best.

PLG Tournaments at EGW (6)

After numerous intense and bloody Mortal Kombat X fights, the finals pitted Mohab Mahmoud Ahmad – a veteran Reptile player – against Rami Labib – a fan of Kitana – in a best of 5 for the ultimate prize. Mohab lost his first two set, but made the epic comeback and won a 3-2 and walked away with 7800 EGP and the title of Egypt’s National Champion.

PLG Tournaments at EGW (4)

PLG Legendary Tour – Egypt Games Week Qualifiers

Egypt Games Week has acted as a door way for some of the best teams in Egypt to showcase their extremely high skill level and coordination. In a matter of two days only, we have seen 16 teams go on an unforgiving single elimination death match with as much as 32,000 EGP at stake to go across the top 3 teams and a guaranteed spot in the PLG Legendary Tour Qualifier 2 in September that will give them a chance to compete for a spot at the main event in October.

PLG Tournaments at EGW (5)

We have seen a steady average of diamond ranked teams throughout the first day of the tournament but it was the second day that took us by surprise were 3 out of 4 teams in the semifinals consisted of Masters and Challengers in some of the most core roles on each team.

Games were close and the finals were even closer. We have witnessed Team Nexus Eaters take on Frost Guard Penguins in a dramatic best of three after starting with a game behind and moved on to win 20,000 EGP, the title champions of the PLG Legendary tour at Egypt Games Week, and a spot in the second qualifier of the online tournament that will take place in September.


Frost Guard Penguins did not go home empty handed as they win second place, 10,000 EGP, and a spot in the second qualifier. Coming up short, Team Spicy manages to reserve third place, 2,000 EGP, and a spot in the second qualifier as well.