The next evolution in PLG’s most historic eSports competitions with EA Sports, is here, from Fanta Masters to the Million Player we have seen it all. Now comes “PLG Super League” a completely dedicated FIFA Ultimate Team tournament for the elite online.

The region’s best PLG FIFA players will kick off in a closed group from all over the Middle East and North Africa region. Over the past 3 years, a group of very talented individuals has emerged and now they get the recognition they deserve.

Players that have proved themselves through 2014 were the first to join. These players will be joined by more players each season and its your chance to get a spot by playing in local Fanta Masters qualifiers throughout all upcoming season. Read more about the PLG Super League and how you could join this elite group of player via the dedicated site


Check out the previous Season 1 results


PLG Super League Season 2 – Starting in December 2015