PLG Super League Spotlight: Saif Haddadin

Known as the Champion of Jordan Games Week, Saif Haddadin, began his began his career as a professional FIFA player soon after winning the National Fanta Masters FIFA tournament in Jordan earlier in 2014. His career as a FIFA player started long before that when he enjoyed playing FIFA as a passionate fan of the game and franchise.

Being that good was sort of a burden at times for Saif when none of his friends were encouraged to play against him and contenders around Jordan fled when he demanded a challenge. Being a national champion just was not enough for him, his ambition was far greater than that.

His charismatic personality was very noticeable when he qualified to the Fanta Masters Regional Championship Finals that took place in Dubai Games Week at Dubai Mall, Saif played like he belonged in that arena from the start. Making his way through his fellow Fanta Masters and the stages of the tournament, Saif found himself at the Finals to take on the Kuwaiti National Champion, Bandar Al Mutayri. Saif was having a very hard time finding a way to penetrate the relentless defense that Bandar was holding, he took second place and stood as the runner up of the Fanta Masters Regional Championship.

Soon after that, he was invited back to take part in a completely different and unique tournament, the PLG Super League. A FIFA 16 Ultimate Team tournament put together with the full and direct support of EA Sports where players are given a selection of cards and assets for them to build the perfect team for them. 32 of the toughest Fanta Masters are invited to this tournament to compete on a whole new level of skill requirements.

Saif quickly proved to everyone that he is worth the invited and made his way through the group stages effortlessly. Despite facing even tougher opponents in the final 16 stage, showing dominance and finesse, Saif finds himself for the third time in the finals of a PLG tournament. He will be taking on his fellow Fanta Master from Iraq, Mohammad Al Jarbaa, for a chance to be crowned as champion of the PLG Super League and the bigger chunk of a $10,000 cash prize pool.