PLG Super League Season 2 – The Road to the Grand Finals

It has been a tremendous Group Stage where we have seen a good mix of matchmaking between our 32 Fanta Masters who have proved to be the top contenders in the Arab World. It was very sad to see 16 of them go but as the Final Stage began we slowly forgot the pain and felt great excitement to see them go head to head in an unforgiving Single Elimination stage.

Their squads were getting updated every week with Inform cards straight from the EA Studios and were ranging from cards like Inform Luiz Suarez to Team of the Year Modric. After the mid-season pack opening, each and every player had a different style and great pool of players, coaching staff, and consumables to build their team that suits them.

We saw some of the older players get out classed by new comers and fresh masters from 2015, and also saw many of them prevail and make their way to the Quarter finals. That is the beauty of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, you can out class anyone despite the level of individual skill with pure theory crafting and strategy. The right formation with the right squad can make the difference between a counter attack and a missed attempt.

This tournament hosted players that were so tough, unpredictable, and all share an equal chance of winning that even the Fanta Masters Champion, Bandar Al Mutayri, himself was no match against his fellow opponent from Egypt, Ali Refai.


But the semi-finals were no place for old men, it was celebrated with young glory seekers and fresh blood. Players like Nasser Mohammad from the Kingdom of Bahrain, Mohammad Al Jarbaa from Iraq, Saif Haddadin from Jordan, and Abdullah Al Thebaiti were the last men standing. But to emphasize on the level of skill these players have we have to look back at the quarter finals and take a look at who they beat to get here.

Mohammad Al Jarbaa turned a Best of 5 to a best of 7 after winning the first 2 games of the series against the renowned Million Player Amer Rasheed, only to lose the next 2 games and tie 2 more until he came out victorious with a 1-0 win eliminating the number one contender in the Arab World.

Saif Haddadin had some very big shoes to fill as the runner up of the Regional Fanta Masters Championship, he managed to take on some of the best players in the group stages like Hussam Toubasey and Abdul Rahman Al Katheery.

The Semifinals games showed a good mix of close calls and also the difference in skill. Saif Haddadin managed to beat Abdullah Al Thebaiti quite convincingly but Mohammad Al Jarbaa needed to go to game 5 to beat his opponent Nasser Mohammad and make his way to the finals.


Saif Haddadin will once again see himself to the finals of a PLG Tournament for the third time after being crowned champion of Jordan Games Week and Runner up of the Regional Fanta Masters Championship. Whereas, Mohammad Al Jarba will be making his debut in this year’s finals after a long time since his attendance in 2013. Abdullah Al Thebaiti will be taking on his Bahraini opponent, Nasser Mohammad to try and secure Third Place and a chunk of the prize pool.

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