Super League Brackets

Detailed rules and regulations

Game Admin

  • Each invited player is required to add our admin PSN username (PLG_LIVE) to their friends list and message them their full name and details to confirm their identity. This will be the only confirmation the player will have to make towards the admin.
  • These rules are set up in a form of guidelines and will always be implemented in the majority of any disagreements. Never the less, they are also situational and subject to change based on the situation at hand.
  • In case of any dispute, the final decision goes back to the admin.

Selection Process

  • All participants need to be pre-existing Fanta masters from past tournaments or qualifying masters from current LAN events held around the Arab world.
  • Some players will be invited from handpicked communities within the Arab world. For example: UAE based Game Surgeons have 1 spot reserved for their top player to attend the super league.

Bracket Rules

  • A set bracket of 16 players will be help once every 2 months with the potential of expanding to 64 – 128 players in the same time span.
  • Each bracket will be run on a single elimination system.

Start and End Date

  • 16 players – Monday 27th April – 9pm KSA Time / 10pm UAE Time
  • 8 players – Monday 4th May – 9pm KSA Time / 10pm UAE Time
  • Semi – Monday 11th May – 9pm KSA Time / 10pm UAE Time
  • Final – Tuesday 12th May – 9pm KSA Time / 10pm UAE Time

Progress and Elimination

  • The competition will be completely online operated by PLG and EA Sports. The competition will run on a random draw knock out, with scores recorded in a ranking league table. The first season you cannot be eliminated from the PLG Super League, you will be seeded only, so don’t worry play the best you can in the first season.

Starting Match

  • Both players need to join a party created by the admin 30 minutes before the beginning of the scheduled game to confirm that both players are ready and all the rules are satisfied before the beginning of the game.
  • All players need to make sure that their controllers are either connected or fully charged during the duration of the game to avoid any disturbances to the flow of the game. Any failure from addressing this topic is completely under the responsibility of the player himself.

Sticking to the Schedule

  • All players have to abide by the timings provided and agreed upon. This makes it completely the responsibility of the players to attend the games on time or face an automatic loss for failing to be present at the given time of the game.


  • If the Score difference was around a 3+ goal difference with less than 25 minutes left in the match and a disconnection takes place it will vary on whether the player in the lead is the person that got disconnected. If the winning player gets disconnected he will have the option to either restart the match or be marked the loser of the match. This rule also protects the winning players from Rage Quits and Fake Disconnections.
  • If an agreement is struck between the players to replay the game then the match can be replayed but only with the final approval of the admin.

Breach of Rules

  • Each player is to approve the rules and regulations of the super league. Based on support from EA players’ actions will be monitored throughout the duration of the super league.

Ultimate Team Rules

Each player will receive the following on their dedicated PLG Super League PSN Account that we will provide:

  • Each participant is initially given 1 x Lionel Messi card
  • 500,000 FIFA COINS to use in the Transfer Market
  • 5,000 FIFA POINTS to use for pack opening
  • Each week all remaining players are given a new Team of the Week player (chosen by EA)
  • All of this is automatically added to your Super League account

This will allow each player to have a standard of 1 high level card to use. In addition, players will receive a fixed amount of FIFA COINS that allow them to purchase a selection of cards and consumables at their own disposal.

In addition to that, players will also receive 5,000 FIFA Points to open Packs and experience the luck factor that is the essence of FUT Pack opening.

As the tournament continues, the remaining players will receive one Team of the Week Card every week that is agreed upon by EA. These Cards will be in the shape of Informs and it will be interesting to see how the players will adapt to the new changes in rosters.

You cannot add COINS or BUY packs with your own money this will be considered cheating, all accounts will be heavily monitors by EA and PLG staff.