PLG Pro Tour with Overwatch: Tournament Recap

In the past month, we saw the continuation of an epic journey for our 8 Overwatch teams that qualified from live and online qualifiers of the PLG Nationals Overwatch Tournament Series, with the second phase of our road to the PLG Grand Slam: the PLG Pro Tour with Overwatch.

 These teams were fighting for a spot in the PLG Grand Slam to eventually compete for a a prize of 10,000 divided into $6,000 for the first place, $3,000 for second place and $1,000 for third place. We have seen many great talents that have reached these qualifiers through the PLG Nationals qualifiers, such as Anubis Gaming and Savage Minions from Egypt, as well as Cocodrillos Esports and Osh-TekkWarriors from Saudi Arabia, Team Vero and Yalla Esports from the UAE, as well as the Damage Control and Evolve gaming teams from Kuwait, but only 4 can continue to the PLG Grand Slam.

After a month of fierce matches, and sadly the forfeit of Anubis Gaming due to their team disbanding, we finally have our four finalists that will continue to the PLG Grand Slam, led by grand winners Osh-Tekk Warriors, after beating Evolve Gaming 3-1 in a best of 5. While Osh-Tekk Warriors showed off as being the best team in the PLG Pro Tour, we saw some great comeback in the tournament, such as Evolve Gaming returning to fight for its honor after being sent to the LOser brackets by the same team.

Now with the PLG Pro Tour finished, the seeds are set for the PLG Grand Slam, with leading seed Osh-TekkWarriors facing Cocodrillos eSports, followed by Evolve Gaming against Yalla eSports. With so much down the line, and a $10,000 prize pool, we’re sure that we’ll see some intense matches as all four teams are going for the win. To learn about the progress of all teams in our PLG tournaments, and never miss the latest PLG news, make sure to to follow us on our official Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and of course our official website.