PLG Pro Tour with CS:GO: Tournament Recap

Now that we are finished the PLG Pro Tour with CS:GO, here’s a highlight of the seeding tournament for the PLG Grand Slam which ended a few days ago. We have seen a great combination of all the teams that participated in the qualifiers including [KSA] ArchNemesis, [IRQ] AimersAlive – now renamed Valour eSports after their acquisition by the UAE eSports club – [JOR] Chosen5, [JOR] Evil Corporation, [UAE] Nasr eSports, [KWT] Team RvN, [KSA] Saudicom and finally [LEB] Team Spotnet.

Running over the course of roughly two weeks, each of the 8 teams that qualified from each of the two seasons of the PLG Nationals DOTA 2 Tournament Series competed to get into a placing position into the PLG Grand Slam. Leading the pack was [UAE] Nasr eSports (previously known as Risky Gaming in the first season of the PLG Nationals CS:GO Tournament Series), successfully reaching the grand finals after an almost perfect series of Bo3 wins against its competitors (with the exception of one game lost in their set against [UAE] Valour eSports in the winner’s bracket second round). Closely followed by them was Jordanian squad Chosen5, who were previously featured on our site as a team spotlight, and a great run from the Iraqi based team now part of Valour eSports.

The tournament ended with [UAE] Nasr eSports leading the seeds, followed [JOR] Chosen5 which came out of the loser’s brackets (after being sent there by their UAE opponents in the semi finals), followed by [UAE] Valour eSports as third and [KWT] Team RvN in the fourth position in the seeds for the PLG Grand Slam. The latter tournament will be held in early 2018 right before the start of the PLG Nationals 3rd season. These four teams will compete for a prize pool of $ 5,000, split into $3,000 for the first place, $1,500 for 2nd place, and finally $500 for third place.

We will certainly see very interesting performance at the PLG Grand Slam finals, especially with this eternal rivalry between both Nasr eSports and Valour eSports (who had an interesting run during their days as Risky Gaming and AimersAlive), but who knows, Team RvN and Chosen5 might also make it hard on those teams to win this. Finally, we would like to thank all the participants in these qualifiers, and to learn more about the progress of all teams in our PLG tournaments, and never miss the latest PLG news, make sure to to follow us on our official Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and of course our official website.