PLG Open CS:GO 2018

The PLG Open is very literally that, a tournament open to all players or teams for a set period, anywhere in the world, from those eligible countries. Whether you are a seasoned pro, veteran or a fresh noob the competition does not discriminate. You may find this a tougher route to take to glory but no one said this was going to be easy. Prove yourself in the Open and bigger opportunities await as you could find yourself with a seat at the PLG Grand Slam.

The PLG Open Qualifiers begin on October 25th going region by region up to the 17th of November.

  • One team per region will qualify to the PLG Grand Slam in December
  • The regions are divided to: North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, East Asia, South East Asia & India, GCC and South Asia, LEVANT & Africa.

A brief breakdown of the schedule for the PLG Open Qualifiers per region is as follows (In order of appearance):

  • North America: November 2nd ( 2 days)
  • GCC & South Asia: October 28th (2 days)
  • East Asia: October 30th (2 days)
  • South America: October 27th ( 2 days)
  • South East Asia & India: November 4th (3 days)
  • LEVANT & Africa: November 7th (3 days)
  • Europe: November 12th (4 days)
  • Oceania: November 16th (2 days)
  • The platform used for all matches in the PLG Open is FACEIT (Make sure you have a team there )
  • Visit the Tournament page on FACEIT here
  • PLG Grand Slam will have a total of 16 teams (8 through the PLG Open qualifiers & 8 invited)
  • There will be a daily stream on the PLG channels starting from the opening games all the way up to the finals of each region.

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