PLG Nationals with Overwatch – GCC & Levant Finals

After the UAE live event and all other region qualifier concluded, the GCC & Levant bracket of the PLG Nationals with Overwatch kicked off on 10th of  May and is the third qualifying tournament for the regional finals. The tournament includes many distinguished teams in this game such as Evolve Gaming from Kuwait and Evil Corporation from Jordan.

The teams participating in this tournament are competing for the last two qualifying seats for the regional finals. It seems that Evolve gaming have already booked the first seats after overcoming Barla Barla from Jordan in the semi-finals of the tournament. A team will be able to reach the final and reserve the last qualifying seat for the regional finals. The second match has also been concluded with a Victory for Kuwaiti Team Damage Control over Evil Corporation from Jordan securing their position in the finals to play their seeding match against their fellow Kuwaiti Team, Evolve Gaming, who will be joining them in the Regional Finals against 6 other teams from the previous qualifiers.

The finals of the PLG Nationals will be of a special nature. All eligible teams will compete against each other to win the title of PLG Nationals and compete for a prize of $10,000 divided into $6,000 for first place $3,000 for second place and $1,000 for third.

The regional finals will take place online between all 8 teams that have qualified from Egypt (Anubis Gaming & Savage Minions, KSA (Cocodrilos & Osh-Tekk Warriors, UAE (Yalla eSports & Valour eSports, and lastly the remaining countries from GCC & Levant (Evolve Gaming & Damage Control from Kuwait). Top 2 teams will play in the Grand Finals that will be held in a special event organized by PLG. This will allow the winners to represent their country in high-profile competitions such as PLG Grand Slam and other international competitions run by PLG regionally and internationally.

For more information about the matches on the official page of PLG Nationals of Overwatch, the final match will be broadcast on our official YouTube page.