PLG Nationals with DOTA 2: The Results of the Levant and Egypt Brackets

After the qualifying phase of the PLG Nationals with Dota 2 in Egypt and the Levant, we are now on the verge of starting the qualifiers for the Gulf countries, where there are still spots available for registration, which we will announce as soon as registration is complete.

We have seen really good and talented in the Egyptian bracket, including Bendover and No TerrorBlade from Egypt, who reached the final rounds and now have their spots secured for the PLG Nationals with DOTA 2 Tournament Series Regional Finals.

The semi-final rounds of the Egypt bracket saw fan-favorite Panda E-Sports lose to Bendover 2-0 in their Bo3 game, while No TerrorBlade won over KnownFor, even though the later managed to get rid of famous Egytpian team Curse Academy as well as RoadToAwlFaisal. While the match was in favor for KnownFor for both game sets, No TerrorBlade’s managed to control the situation, snatching both wins halfway through each game, and qualifying for the Egypt finals.

In the neighboring bracket for the Levant country, we discover a bunch of newcomers in the PLG DOTA 2 scene, such as team BAP and Worms from Jordan, as well as one single Lebanese team which was Team Spotnet’s DOTA 2 division. The semi-final rounds saw an epic battle between team Worms and 4+Sari, which you can watch right now on our YouTube channel, ending with 2-1, clearly proving that the “invertebrate” team is the strongest. On the other side, Lebanon’s Team Spotnet has been undefeated, crushing through the Jordanian competition throughout the bracket, deafeating BAP 2-0 in the semifinals, and team Worms as well in the Levant bracket finals.

There are still two more spots to be won for the PLG Nationals with DOTA 2 Tournament Series Regional Finals, which will come out of a dedicated GCC Bracket. If your team consist of players that are legal citizens or nationals of the UAE, KSA, Oman or Bahrain, then hurry up and sign up via the dedicated PLG Nationals with DOTA 2 Tournament GCC Qualifier Registration Page right now. For all the latest information about the PLG Nationals DOTA 2 Tournament Series, you can follow us on on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, as well as the official or you can also click here to visit the dedicated PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Tournament Series page.