PLG Nationals with DOTA 2 kicks off on May 29th

The long awaited for PLG Nationals with DOTA 2 is finally kicking off, starting on the 29th of May with 16 teams already registered for the Levant Nationals hosting top teams from Lebanon and Jordan in addition to 16 teams registered for the Egypt Nationals.

The champion of each of these Nationals will qualify to play in the PLG Nationals with DOTA 2 Regional Finals against the Top team from the UAE Nationals that will be held at Hub Zero at a later date and the Top team from the GCC Nationals that has some spots left so we urge all GCC teams to hurry and register by clicking right here to visit the PLG Nationals | DOTA 2 5v5 | GCC Countries Registration page

The PLG Nationals with DOTA 2 for the GCC region will allow a mix of players from different GCC country (including 1 Stand in) as long as all 6 players have proof of Valid residency in these countries. This will allow teams of multinational players to participate in the same team and represent the GCC in the Regional Finals and potentially the PLG Grand Slam our esteemed LAN event that will blow your minds and take eSports in the Arab World to another level!

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