PLG Nationals Spotlight: Team Spotnet

Introducing Lebanon’s elite and potentially one of the strongest professional eSports CS:GO teams in the MENA region, Team Spotnet. Established in 2016, Team Spotnet has proven to be a dominant force to reckon with as they took on the majority of Local Lan tournaments taking place in Lebanon and many more in the Arab World for games like CS: GO, League of Legends, and Dota 2.


There’s been many accolades and milestones for their CS:GO division, starting from the humble days of their first championship win at local Lebanese tournament called Chalhoub Net Championship, but also securing Rank S for their member ISSAA at the ESEA, participating in the The World Championships 2016 Asian Qualifier, their latest CS:GO Tournament AGC winter open win in February and of course grabbing one of the two spots for the Levant and North Africa bracket of the PLG Nationals CS:GO Tournament.

Team manager Rodrigue Habib has been in the field of eSports since 1998, stating that he “started following some of the best players in the game, either in CS: GO or League of Legends, and aimed to create a suitable environment for [his team] through day-to-day training and tactical plans”. Habib sees Spotnet as one of the best teams in the Middle East, although there are other names he admires including Slice and Dice and Anubis Gaming which are currently competing in our Season 1 of the PLG Nationals League of Legends tournament.

Team Spotnet’s CS:GO roster consist of Bilal “Senpai” Chehab, Hussein “Empera” Shihab, Omar “Jabz” Jabbouri, Nicholas “Sparta” Haddad, Issa “Issaa” Samir and finally Mohammad “ZeroCool” Ahmad, living in Jordan and Lebanon, but the club also has a League of Legends currently in the Levant Finals of the PLG Nationals League of Legends tournament, as well as a DOTA 2 roster which is planning to compete in our upcoming PLG Nationals DOTA 2 tournament.

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