PLG Nationals Spotlight: Team Slice n Dice

A rising star from Egypt that competed in the PLG Nationals League of Legends tournament series, we picked Slice n Dice as our new spotlight of the week. Winning numerous titles such as the League of Legends Egypt Geforce Cup in April, as well as their recent qualification for the  PLG Nationals League of Legends tournament series regional finals, after beating their compatriots Anubis Gaming.

Slice and Dice is an Egyptian eSports organization and club, aiming to support the gaming community in the Middle East and North Africa region with high-end gaming, talent management, training and coaching. The club features a League of Legend and Dota 2 team. The latter is considered one of the strongest teams in the Middle East, having played in tournaments like the World Electronic Sports Games championship, Star Ladder and is also participating in the first season of the PLG Nationals DOTA 2 Tournament Series. Sherif Abu El-Fotouh, one of Slice n Dice’s cofounder said that the idea of ​​the organization was initially conceived as a solution to the usual problems faced by the Egyptian players in eSports. He then started forming the DOTA 2 team in April 2016. Al Wasl is a semi-finalist of the ESL Dota 2 Major League Europe Pre-Season Qualifier and has also won many prizes and titles in the Middle East.


The club’s second co-founder, Ahmed Helal, stated that the field of eSports has started to grow majorly in the past 2 to 3 years, with the attention of many major eSports news outlets like ESPN, but also PLG, which aims to develop talent in the Middle East by organizing tournament series such as the PLG Nationals, PLG Grand Slam and others.

The current Slice n Dice League of Legends roster is Managed by Mohamed “Medosa” Hisham and Ramy “From02Her0″. The players are Ibrahim as Jungler, Khaled “Fev3r” El Noshokaty as Support, Eslam”SaN”Ashraf as ADC, Ahmad “iFlip” Hamdi as Toplaner, Ahmed “Dakrai” Abo Galalah as Midlaner and finally  Mahmoud “Molto” Magdy and Mahmoud ‘Paralyze’ Nassef as substitute players. The players will be competing in the near future at the PLG Nationals DOTA 2 Tournament Series Regional Finals against qualified teams from all across the region, including Anubis Gaming, Team Spotnet (which we featured in our team spotlight recently), Team Hex and many more.

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Their match against Anubis Gaming in the final of Egypt brackets of the PLG Nationals DOTA 2 Tournament Series was a game they did not expect to be that easy, especially that the team has not been training for a while, and despite the known level of Anubis Gaming. Slice n Dice are looking forward to winning as many Middle East and International tournaments as they can, and aspires to be a good example of what a strong Egyptian club can be.

For more information on Slice and Dice, you can visit their official Facebook page via @SnDGamingCom. For more details about the PLG Nationals tournament series, please visit the dedicated page via