PLG Nationals Spotlight: Team Bendover

Another week, another series of PLG Nationals Spotlight, and this time we bring you Team Bendover, one of the teams that participated in the PLG Nationals DOTA 2 Tournament Series for Egypt, finishing first after beating their compatriots No TerrorBlade and qualifying to the Regional Finals.

A team that changed its roster many times throughout the years, Bendover is no stranger to PLG, winner of the first ever NVIDIA Geforce Cup live at the 2015 Egypt Games Week.  Hadi Diaa el-Din is the current captain of the team, and has played with many Egyptian teams including Team Slice and Dice, and decided to join and reform this little team from the ground up after an almost complete disband of the team.

The team currently consists of Hadi “ar3a1234″ Diaa el Din as Carry, Hazem “KkzOr” Ahmed as Mid-laner, Arafat “JAfar” Alwani as Offlaner, Mootaz “MEetyourbob” Hesham as Support and finally Mohamed “Ghost” Atef as the second support.

Team Bendover has participated in many local and international tournaments, and their biggest achievement so far was to reach the final round of the Kiev Major Open Qualifier and the same round of the Manila Major Open Qualifier and latest The International Open Qualifier. The team led by ar3a are eager for the next step in the PLG Nationals DOTA 2 Tournament Series, and hope to be Lebanon’s Team Spotnet from Lebanon, one of the qualified teams from the Levant qualifier, and consider the match-up as the Middle East version of the DOTA 2 Clasico.