PLG Nationals Spotlight: Team BAP

We are back with another spotlight on one of the best teams participating in the PLG Nationals. Even though the team hasn’t made it to the PLG Pro Tour: Dota 2, they are contenders to make it in the second season of the PLG Nationals: DOTA 2. We introduce to you Team BAP from Jordan.

BAP or Best Arab Players, one of the oldest teams in Dota 2 and a Dota 1 veteran team. The team used to enjoy many nationalities with players from Egypt, Jordan, and KSA. But that was until the team leader and founder,”Fauzi Dabat” known with the nickname “LILMAFYA” , took it upon himself to find the top talent in Jordan to create one full Jordanian team.

The team participated in several major tournaments, the first of which was the Dota Asian Championship, where the team was able to meet the strongest teams in the Asian continent and even made it to the Semifinals. They took part in the PLG Nationals: Dota 2 and went against some of the toughest teams like “No to defeat” and “No Black King Bar”. They soon went on to play against the toughest of them all, Team Spotnet” who proved to be the better team with high levels of team coordination and highly experienced individuals.

Team roster is as follows:

  • Mid: Kempo 6500 MMR
  • Carry: Haki 6000 MMR
  • Offlame: Banana 5800 MMR
  • Support: Lilmafya 6500 MMR
  • Support: Xblood 6500 MMR