PLG Nationals Spotlight: Team Anubis Gaming

If you’ve been following our League of Legends tournament series throughout the years, such as the PLG Legendary Tour, or even the Geforce Cup, then you’ve probably heard of a certain Egyptian team called Anubis Gaming. A veteran organization from the country, Anubis Gaming happens to be one of the first club specialized in eSports that is recognized by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports.

As a club, Anubis Gaming participated in many PLG tournaments including the most recent PLG Nationals with League of Legends Tournament Series, reaching the finals of the Egypt bracket and qualified for the regional finals alongside Slice n Dice (previously featured on our site), but also winning Egypt’s bracket in the PLG Nationals with Overwatch Tournament Series, qualifying to that regional finals as well.

PLG-Nationals-Team-Spotlight-Anubis-Gaming(team picture)

Yousef Mohsen, founder and CEO of the club says that Anubis Gaming is ready to adopt new teams in different games depending on how those new titles are being developed in the competitive scene. In general Yousuf believes that the future of eSports in the region is related to the increase in the number of tournaments and value of prizes offered by sponsors in each championship, which will attract more players to compete.

Yousef also aims for his club to be a great idol for Egyptian players and their country on the international level, and prove that there is indeed a local talent. They thankfully proved this on numerous occasions, including Anubis Gaming’s win at the Gigabyte League of Legends Egypt Tournament, the CS: GO Wintercup Finals, as well as representing Egypt in the IeSL World Tournament in 2016 and reaching 5th place in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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The current Anubis League of Legends roster is Alaa Reda as Support, Mohammed Sulaiman as Jungler and team captain, Tamimi Aboud as ADC, Karim Sakka as Mid-Laner and finally Mimz Youssef as Top Laner.  Sulaiman stated that one of the highlight of the PLG Nationals with League of Legends Tournament Series’ most notable moments was their bracket’s final game, where Slice n Dice managed to win 3-0 against Anubis Gaming, and made them realize that there’s much to be to correct their mistakes in the upcoming regional finals if their main goal is to win the entire tournament.

For more information on Anubis Gaming, you can visit their official Facebook page via @AnubisGamingEG. For more details about the PLG Nationals tournament series, please visit the dedicated page via