PLG Nationals Spotlight: Risky Gaming

Another week, another series of PLG Nationals Spotlight, and this time we bring you Risky Gaming, one of the teams that participated in the PLG Nationals CS:GO Tournament Series for the UAE, finishing first after beating their compatriots El Donz and qualifying to the PLG Pro Tour.

Risky Gaming was established around late 2014 and early 2015, by current team leader Obaid Al-Muhri. The founding player used to play the first versions of Counter Strike starting from the early days of Counter Strike 1.3 until he became good enough to consider bringing a bunch of his regular team members under one banner. And then began his journey to participate in local gaming cafés and smaller scale competitions in Dubai or Abu Dhabi , under the initial name of team Falood Jacksons, renamed to Team Risky, and currently what is considered the best CS:GO team in the UAE.


The team has participated in several tournaments, with the first being a local championship called Game Evolution in 2015, but gradually made a name for themselves as reaching the 2016 ROG Masters World Finals in Malaysia after winning the ASUS ROG Master 2016 Rest of Asia Open Qualifier, as well as other international achievements like winning the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 India & Middle East Open Qualifier and the ESL India Premiership 2016. Obeid at moment is personally investing his team to compete in local leagues and tournaments, via PLG or other tournament operators as it gives them the chance to meet many of the Middle East teams in the region.

Team Risky current roster consist of Obaid “Breaker” Al-Mheiri as In-game leader and captain, Khaled “Karribob” Al-Jneibi as Anchor and support, AbdelAziz “Nami” Al-Hammadi as AWP-er, Mohamed “Kitkat” Al-Nuaimi as Entry. The team is preparing to participate in the PLG Pro Tour, in which they hope to play against Team RvN and Team Spotnet, as well as the upcoming 2017 ROG Masters CS:GO Open Qualifiers for the UAE presented by PLG.