PLG Nationals Spotlight: Nasr eSports

Another week, another series of PLG Nationals Spotlight, and this time we bring you Nasr eSports, one of the teams that are currently playing in the PLG Nationals League of Legends Tournament Series second season, who have qualified to the PLG Pro Tour after winning at the PLG Arena 2 live qualifier in Dubai, presented by Legion and powered by Intel Core i7 Processors.
While Nasr eSports as a club started off with a lot of professional fighting game players, they also have divisions for CS:GO (recently with the aquisition of team Risky Gaming) but also for League of Legends. Their roster for League of Legends is a mix of numerous different known team players that played in previous PLG tournaments, including previous PLG Legendary Tour finalists 4 Bunnies 1 Turtle and more. The team is led by Hussam Masri (One Gank Man) Adham, Walid Osman (Cypher), Amer (Lee Cos) and Nawaf (Mimic) which have been playing League of Legends for years but under different teams, until they all join hands with Nasr eSports, in hope to establish a strong team capable of participating in various local and international tournaments.

The team has a lot of experience thanks to their participation in numerous tournaments, and most recently the NVIDIA Geforce Cup for League of Legends, the Gameon LOL Cup, and grabbing lately the qualifier spot from GamesArabia DXB, which grants them entry to the PLG Pro Tour alongside the Jeddah finalist team Free Elo. The grand finals at GamesArabia DXB was against UAE based Frags on Gamers, which Nasr eSports finished with a 27-7 win, with a strange change in its usual aggressive attacking strategy. As proven in that match, they had managed to change mid-game their movement patterns, and ensure a solid counter-attack at any moment.

The team hopes to achieve good results in the upcoming tournaments, especially with the upcoming PLG Pro Tour which is the final step before getting seeded in the PLG Grand Slam. From the eight teams that will compete, Nasr eSports hopes mostly to face Anubis Gaming, as they consider them one of the best teams in the region. After all, there’s $10,000 down the line, which all final four of the PLG Pro Tour will compete for at the PLG Grand Slam, thanks to our partners Lenovo and Intel.

Nasr eSports will play in the PLG Pro Tour alongside winners from the previous season, such as Anubis Gaming and Slice N Dice from Egypt, Team Hex and Free Elo from KSA, and Team Spotnet from Lebanon, and finally winners of the current online qualifier. To learn about the progress of all teams in our PLG tournaments, and never miss the latest PLG news, make sure to to follow us on our official Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and of course our official website.