PLG Nationals Spotlight: Cocodrilos eSports

Another week… Another PLG Nationals team spotlight! This time we talk about Kuwait-based Cocodrilos eSports (The Spanish translation of Crocodile and not Crocodilos like most people assume), one of the newest eSports clubs in the region. Even if it is still in its first year of foundation, Cocodrilos eSports has managed to get great results to date, including getting a spot in the the regional finals of the PLG Nationals with Overwatch tournament series. The club currently includes many players from different Arab countries, and compete in division based on Hearthstone, Overwatch but also Super Smash Bros, with the later recently winning the Al-Ain Ramadan Championships and local Kuwaiti Competitive Gaming Club Tournament.

Cocodrilos eSports’s founder Abdulmohsen al-Noah has been passionate about competitive gaming since the early days, and competed alongside his friends in local tournaments hosted at network cafes. As he competed and met the community, he decided to take the plunge in full-time eSports, by forming a club with talents capable of participating in local and international tournaments.

The Overwatch division which is the highlighted division of this spotlight, has also won second place in the Overwatch GeForce Cup for Middle East & North Africa this year, and the current roster consists of K7elan Hitscan, Pootis as 2nd support, Qwaxi as off-tank flex, Abu11ibrahim as main support, Seph as projectile flex, and Vendetta as main tank. They will be continuing in the regional finals of the PLG Nationals with Overwatch Tournament Series, alongside KSA based Osh-TekkWarriors, [EGY] Anubis Gaming, [UAE] Valour eSports, [UAE] Yalla eSPorts, as well as [KWT] Evolve Gaming to name a few.

Abdulmohsen believe that eSports as a culture is still small, and is not getting the necessary attention to appeal to sponsors, but it’s with more tournaments achievement such as PLG competitions and other notable branded leagues that his team will be able to be recognized to a professional level.

The team is now seeking to expand their divisions and get many teams and players to compete in other games. For more information on Cocodrilos eSports, please visit their official Twitter page via @CocodrilosGG. For more details about the PLG Nationals tournament series, please visit the dedicated page via