PLG Nationals Spotlight: Chosen5

Another week, another series of PLG Nationals Spotlight, and this time we bring you Chosen5, one of the teams that finished playing in the PLG Nationals CS:GO Tournament Series second season, and now have qualified to the PLG Pro Tour after reaching the top 4.

The more we advance in this first year tournament series, we are getting to a point where it’s getting difficult to determine who is the top team that will grab the grand prize at the PLG Grand Slam. Hailing from Jordan and Lebanon, Chosen5 performed outstandingly in the second season online qualifier, beating some top notch rivals such as UAE Yalla eSports in the quarterfinals, into the playoffs to reach its summit after overcoming all the teams they had faced since the start of the qualifiers, such as [UAE] Yalla eSports in the quarterfinal, [KSA] SaudiCom in the semifinals, and even [UAE] Hi Pro in early rounds with a 16-0 final game result!

Chosen5 is a Jordanian based team composed of players from that same country, but also from Lebanon. Their current active roster features:

  • Zerocool: A former Team Spotnet player, he’s reached as first place winner WESG Middle East, first place in Arab Gaming Championship Championship, first place in Asia Minor Middle East qualifier and fourth in WCA Middle East.
  • Viper: First place in WESG Middle East and WCA Middle East, then third Arab Gaming Championship.
  • Latal: First place in WCA Middle East qualifier and third in Arab gaming ChampionShip.
  • Kuf: Fourth place in WCA Middle East Qualifier.
  • Foolz: First and fourth place in WESG Middle east.

Finally, their last player which is probably one of the highlights of their team is currently Issa “issaa” Murad. Known as one of the most talented CS:GO players in the Middle East, Issa is a Lebanese player that was also part of Team Spotnet (with Zerocool), and is now playing for both Chosen5 and international club HellRaisers. The later is an ESEA S-Class player, that placed first in the WESG Middle East Championship, first place in the Arab Gaming Championship and Asia Minor Middle East qualifier, third and fourth place in the CBE 2017 Europe Closed Qualifier, third in ESG Tour Myk Closed Qualifier and many more accomplishments under his belt.

Chosen5′s playing style is highly dependant on teamwork instead of relying on a leading talent. Their experience in the qualifier was rather “easy” according to the team captain, with no true challenger, but they are not resting on their laurels because of what’s to come: the PLG Pro Tour. This double elimination online competition that acts as a seeding tournament for the PLG Grand Slam will have Chosen5 meet some of the region best teams, including those they see as rivals such as Team Spotnet, Team RvN and Nasr eSports. The team ultimate goal is to qualify for the PLG Grand Slam to compete for a prize pool of $5,000, and eventually get the spotlight they need to participate in more European and international tournaments.

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