PLG Nationals Spotlight: AimersAlive

Another week, another series of PLG Nationals Spotlight, and this time we bring you AimersAlive, one of the teams that finished playing in the PLG Nationals CS:GO Tournament Series second season, who have qualified to the PLG Pro Tour after reaching the top 4.
While the team is freshly formed, recently crossing three months since their new roster, with Admiral and Klee as founding players, they still managed to reach numerous final rounds of regional tournaments such as AGC’s first season and the PLG Nationals CS:GO Tournament Series second season. Their team was able to reach the role The semi-final of the qualifiers and almost qualified for the final of the playoffs at the expense of the team ArchNemesis from Saudi Arabia, but the Saudi team finally realized the victory of 2-1, the current team roaster is: Qahtan (K_Lee #) alazawie, Omar (-3ARKOOZ) Elyyan, Assim (Admiral) flayeh, Yousef (XaTraa3 :)) Al-hatem, Yazan (^^ KinG RooS ^^) AlJamal, Ali (VeRt3x) ibraheem.

AimersAlive are known to be a very tactical team, although they lack the presence of a professional coach to lead. Thankfully, they credit most of their hard work thanks to the experience of their player Admiral, training at least three full set of games a week, and participating as much as possible in tournaments. All this helped AimersAlive reaching all the way to the semifinal rounds of the PLG Nationals CS:GO Tournament Series second season, only losing to their KSA counterpart ArchNemesis 2-1 from a pool of 32 players.

AimersAlive will play in the PLG Pro Tour alongside winners from the previous season, such as Nasr eSports (formely Risky Gaming) from the UAE, Team RvN and vnG from Kuwait, Team Spotnet from Lebanon, ArchNemesis from KSA and finally Jordan’s Evil Corporation and Chosen5. To learn about the progress of all teams in our PLG tournaments, and never miss the latest PLG news, make sure to to follow us on our official Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and of course our official website.