PLG Nationals Season 1 | The Road to the Overwatch Regional Finals

For over two weeks, Egypt and KSA’s teams have been competing in the Overwatch PLG Nationals Season 1 Tournament. We saw some great talents reaching the final rounds of this tournament, including known FPS eSports team Anubis Gaming and Evil Minions in Egypt, as well as Cocodrilos Esports and Osh-TekkWarriors from KSA currently waiting for their match this coming Sunday.

These two qualifiers are part of a bigger tournament, which will see 2 Teams from Egypt, 2 Teams from KSA, 2 Teams from the UAE, 1 Team from remaining GCC and neighboring countries (Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar) and finally 1 Team from Levant (Jordan & Lebanon) compete for a prize pool of $10000 at the PLG Nationals Season 1 Regional Finals.


Up next is the UAE Qualifier, which will be hosted during Middle East Film and ComicCon in Dubai, next week on Friday the 7th, where teams will compete for the two qualifying spots in the PLG Nationals Season 1 Regional Finals. As a special LAN event, this UAE qualifier will also have its dedicated Tier 2 prize pool of AED 10’000, split into AED 6000 for first team, AED 3000 for second team and finally AED 1000 for the third team. If you’re based in the UAE, then make sure to register now before the final deadline on April 4th via the official UAE PLG Nationals Overwatch registration page.

The PLG Nationals Season 1 Regional Finals will be hosted at later time in May, where qualifiers from each of the tournaments will be flying over to Dubai, UAE and compete for a prize Pool for of USD $10,000, split into $6000 for the first place, $3000 for the second place and $1000 hundred dollars for the third place. The qualification tournaments for GCC and neighboring countries (Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar) and finally Levant (Jordan & Lebanon) will be starting soon as make sure to register now by simply login in to your PLG account (or create one if you don’t have an account) and search for the Overwatch PLG Nationals Tournament for your country

Schedule for matches are on the official PLG Nationals page for Overwatch, and selected games will be streamed on the official PLG Twitch channel