PLG Nationals Season 1 | CS:GO Tournament starting on April 3rd

To cap its 5th year Anniversary, the leading eSports operator and video game tournament organizer in the Middle East, Power League Gaming launch the PLG Nationals, a new set of leagues and a gateway for amateur gamers to rise to a fully professional status. The PLG Nationals will run in two seasons, from February to May followed by August to November, each year leading to higher level professional competitions like the PLG Grand Slam and global competitions operated by PLG regionally and internationally for its partners.

MENA’s region best CS:GO teams are set to compete in three different qualifiers to grab a spot at the CS:GO PLG Nationals Season 1 Regional Finals. Teams will compete into three different brackets, split into North Africa and Levant (for Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan based teams), GCC and Neighboring Countries ( Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates based teams) starting April 3rd, as well as an extra UAE Live LAN qualifier to be announced soon.


The PLG Nationals Season 1 Regional Finals will be hosted at a later time in May, where qualifiers from each of the three tournament will be flying over to Dubai, UAE and compete for a prize Pool for of USD $5,000, split into $300 for the first place – $1500 for the second place – and $500 for the third place). The qualification structure for this tournament is as per the image above.

If this looks like something you’d like to get involved in then listen up! There’s couple more spots for teams in the GCC and Neighboring Countries brackets for this season, so hurry up and register your team before the deadline on Thursday the 5th of April at 4PM Egypt time / 5PM KSA time / 6PM UAE time, by simply login in to your PLG account (or create one if you don’t have an account) and search for the CS:GO PLG Nationals Tournament for your country on the CS:GO tournament search page

Schedule for matches will be revealed on Friday the 31st of March on the official PLG Nationals page for CS:GO, and selected games will be streamed on the official PLG Twitch channel