PLG Nationals League of Legends Tournament Series – Last Call Qualifier: Tournament Recap

This week, the Last Chance online qualifier ended, marking the final stage for the second season of our PLG Nationals League of Legends tournament Series. With over 32 teams from around the region competing, everyone had just one goal in mind, which is reaching the last remaining spots in the PLG Pro Tour with League of Legends, the second phase before reaching the ultimate challenge: PLG Grand Slam.

Ending this week, the qualifier marked the return of Frost Guard Penguins, who finally got their chance to qualify for the PLG Pro Tour, after losing in the first season. This qualifier also saw the participation of The Black Lotus from Morocco, who tried as well to get into the PLG Pro Tour in the season 2 previous online qualifier, but sadly lost to Nasr eSports Jr. in the semifinal rounds. Neverthless, the later managed to reach the grand finals against Frost Guard Penguins, and while they lost to the Egyptian team, the The Black Lotus qualified to compensate for the forfeit of qualified team Slice n’ Dice from season 1, due to their recent disbanding.

We saw great performance from both qualifying teams, with Frost Guard Penguins now including four players from Slice and Dice, and The Black Lotus who proved to us that the North African countries might have what it takes to fight bravely in the Summoner’s Rift.

With the completion of this qualifier, we have now all confirmed teams that will participate in the PLG Pro Tour with League of Legends, with [EGY] Frost Guard Penguins and [MOR] The Black Lotus from this final qualifier, on top of [KSA] Team Hex, [KSA] Free Elo, [EGY] Anubis Gaming, [UAE] Nasr eSports, [LEB] Team Lebanon (previously named Team Spotnet) and [UAE] Nasr eSports Jr. These will compete in a double elimination starting on November 19th , to reach the final four which will then be seeded into the PLG Grand Slam and play for a prize pool of $10,000 courtesy of Legion and Intel ($ 5,000 for first place, $ 3,500 for second place and $1,500 for third place).

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