PLG Nationals League of Legends : Recap

As we conclude the PLG Nationals brought to you by Legion, the gaming brand from Lenovo. Claimed to be the toughest and most elite League of Legends tournament in the Arab World, it was an amazing journey from the first announcement that the minions have spawned of the first match up to the reveal of our PLG Grand Slam Finalists.

With familiar faces and teams making a return to the PLG Scene to once again take the road least taken to the PLG Grand Slam in December to compete for a $10,000 prize pool and a whole lot of bragging rights!


It is always a pleasure to introduce new teams from Tunis, Morocco, and Algeria to sign up and join the tournament. Teams like Fennec Arts and The Black Lotus have taken this tournament by storm and standing strong in the Winner Semifinals. They will be facing the formidable Saudi dynasties, Osh-Tekk Warriors and last years finalists, Team Hex.

A special shout out to one of the freshest teams out there who really just genuinely took part inthe tournament for the love of the game, the Dad Squad. Consisting of 6 middle aged players who happen to also have children of their own with their heads deep into their responsibilities as fathers and family provides but also avid gamers who will do anything they can to squeeze in some time to game. It was amazing seeing this “casual” level of players to remind us of the beauty of the sport versus the competitive side of it. Not to mention the crazy amounts of bloopers we managed to clip.

The highlight of the final stages was the clash of the North African Titans between Egypt’s Anubis Gaming and KnK going against Morocco’s Black Lotus and Algeria’s Fennec Arts for the chance to make it back to the Grand Finals.

Anubis Gaming finished off their nemesis KnK in the loser semifinals but was not able to defeat Team Hex in the Loser Finals. It was by far one of the best performance matches for Team Hex that showed the Saudi team step their game up more than was ever shown throughout the tournament.


The South African qualifiers have come to their final destination where the top South African team played against the top runner up of the MENA Region, Anubis Gaming for the final spot to join Osh-Tekk Warriors, Team Hex, and NASR eSports in the PLG Grand Slam and ended up with Anubis wining and qualifying to the PLG Grand Slam.