PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Regional Finalist: Baraa “Shark Teeth” Aljaadi

As we get closer to the PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Championship Series Regional Finals, where the top 8 players from around the region’s numerous qualifier will battle for a prize pool of $5000, we decided to shed the spotlight on our current confirmed finalists, continuing with the only KSA national competitor so far: Baraa “Shark Teeth” Aljaadi. Qualified from the Online Qualifier, Baraa’s journey in PLG’s tournaments reached a great path, by reaching the loser finals of the Mortal Kombat X Middle East Cup in 2016, and now making an impact as one of the strongest Aquaman player in the region. Will he become the Injustice 2 crowned champion for the Middle East this year?

How are you training for the upcoming regional finals of the PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Tournament Series?

I play 2 to 3 hours a day online and with my friends too.

How do you pick your characters in the online qualifier and upcoming regional finals?

I feel more comfortable with Aquaman, as they are better suited to the way I usually play in fighting games, against many players and different play styles.

Who are you looking forward to playing against in the regional finals?

Sayed Hashem (or Tekken Master), is the best player in the tournament and will be a big challenge for me.


What was your most memorable moment from the qualifiers you competed in?

I’m one of the only players to qualify without going down to Losers Bracket in the last qualifying round, alongside Tekken Master and the Kuwait finalist.

Are you confident that you have the skills to represent your country and win in the regional finals?

Yes, I’m a proud KSA national, and it will be honor to hold the banner high, and do my best to develop myself and win other upcoming tournament and championships.

While three different qualifiers may have ended, the fight is far from over, with the upcoming UAE Live Qualifier. Registration is live right now on our website (coming soon this month of July), and is your last chance to reach one of the last 2 spots in the regional finals. For all the latest information about the PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Tournament Series, you can follow us on on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, as well as the official or you can also click here to visit the dedicated PLG Nationals Injustice 2 Tournament Series page.