PLG Legendary Tour – Season 3 Kickoff at MEFCC 2016

Concluding the second season of the PLG legendary tour at Dubai Games Week was a big step for the eSports scene in the region and made a very strong statement to all parties involved. It was only fair that we introduce the third installment in a bigger and better way.

We kicked off the PLG Legendary Tour with an exhibition tournament at the Middle East Film and Comic Con. A total of 8 teams were invited to give us all a taste of things to come in the online tournament. The invited teams included the defending champions, Challenge Arena, from KSA and Patrick Square Pants, the Jordan Games Week Champions. UAE teams who have qualified to the Legendary Tour after securing top seeds at Dubai Games Week also took part in this exhibition. The last team to be invited was a new contender from Oman that has proved to have some of the top individually skilled players in Oman.


The exhibition was a single elimination best of one format. In addition to the scheduled matches, we were also holding celebrity One on One matches with Cris Fade and an All-Star Match that brought the crowd on their feet! The matches were well organized and players showed off their skills as they synergize with their fellow team mates for an amazing demonstration of teamwork.

The teams from Dubai showed a lot of promise and potential but fell short to the defending champions as challenge arena and Patrick square pants demonstrate domination in Summoner’s Rift. The All-Star match stole the show when we mixed and matched players of the top 3 teams in that exhibition.

The Legendary Tour veterans from Jordan and KSA were the last 2 teams standing and went to put on a show that can easily be described as the top clash we have scene at a LAN event, arguably online as well, in the region. Despite playing with a replacement for their mid laner and support, Challenge Arena showed dominance early on against the competing teams in this exhibition. But that was not enough for them against the Jordanian Champions as Patrick Square Pants utilizes on their opponent’s weakness and made an amazing come back to win the best of three finals after falling short in game 1.


Both teams showed extremely proud levels of sportsmanship and etiquette, the Jordanians didn’t shy away from rubbing the loss in challenge arena’s face but no love was lost on that day. It was not a day about players, it was not a day for the teams, and not a day for the sponsors. It was a day for the people, the spectators, the fans, and the heart of this scene.

With only a small selection of the teams taking place in the online tournament we have seen an impressive amount of talent and team coordination. It is only fair to expect more from the claimed to be top teams in the region as they take on their fellow opponents in Season 3 of the PLG Legendary Tour.