A new era of eSports in 2014

John Lacey – Managing Director and Founder of PLG (#1 Competitive Video Games provider for Live and Online events in the region), will announce major initiatives throughout March and April 2014, highlighted in a live press conference at the Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC). Various announcements will be made, including a series of commercial and community activities with console and PC manufacturers, alongside global publishers, distributors and brands that will put PLG on the global gaming, media and eSports map.

eSports leagues online across Middle East and North Africa  powered by a dedicated website powerleaguegaming.com open to gamers on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live service as well as an array of online PC gaming networks, will see several leagues for amateur and pro players emerge, with the backing of serious partners.

John Lacey, Managing Director and Founder, PLG, “Powering up an online and live event agenda with big promises is easy, maintaining it, harnessing it, and delivering the right value for a large Arabic community, is where the investment in key resource and partners is our focus.”

The showpiece: PLG Grand Arena will be touring across the region, to all major cities in the next twelve months, and revealed to the public for the first time at MEFCC, headlining AAA titles and exhibition matches,

Ben Caddy, CEO and Founder, MEFCC, “We’re excited to have PLG back for our third year and the plans for 2014 are going to blow everything previously seen out of the water!   We’re expecting over 30,000 visitors from around the region on April 3-5 and I’m sure our gaming fans are going to love it!”

PLG features over ten key AAA international game franchises, from the world’s largest publishers such as Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts (EA), Warner Bros Games and more.

Sustainability is focused around raising player’s profile and the ability of good gamers in the region, to great players and ultimately professionals to compete against the world’s elite, with the very best support possible.

Krystian Jaroszynski, EMEA Strategic Marketing & Relationships Manager, HyperX, “HyperX will extend our high performance product range into the region, that we have seen gamers come to rely on across the world. Seeing PLG’s vision for eSports and Live Tournaments, complementing our commitment to players, has pushed us to go one step further. Team Alliance, The International – Dota 2 Championships Current winners will be flying out with us to join in the action, live from the PLG Grand Arena at Middle East Film and Comic Con.”

 PLG strengthens relationships with hardware manufacturers in a parallel resurgence for PC gaming, alongside next gen consoles is another key feature. Nvidia, Kingston HyperX, Asus and Cooler Master are proven global ambassadors for major events, teams and players. Razer, Turtle Beach, CM Storm have been capitalizing on PLG over the last year, but new deals are coming.

Chantelle Tavid, Regional Marketing Manager, NVIDIA “We witnessed companies come and go from the tournament scene in the Middle East, in the past couple of years, with mixed experiences, but we are happy to see PLG emerge as strong partner in an area we take very seriously for our range of high performance graphics cards.”

The best media partners, community managers, commentators and just great content generators are absolutely key. The addition of Nazih Fares, as Head of PR and Marketing is a great addition to a very strong dynamic team at PLG.

Ahmed Al Nasheet, Founder of DvlzGame, “When I saw the plan, the people being hired, the partners, I was blown away. I hear of many projects in the region that never happen, but this is going to be BIG. If one of the ten things I was shown happen for the Arab Community in 2014, that will be great, but all 10 amazing!”

Growth and expansion will be swift as PLG is out of the testing phase and into full operation. Whether commercial deals with the largest Leisure, Entertainment and Mall Groups, Majid Al Futtaim or cutting edge marketing integration with global brands to be announced, a lot more things will be revealed over the next month.

Nazih Fares, Head of PR and Marketing, PLG, “Where do I start? The Grand Arena, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh, Cairo, over 8 in-Mall Gaming and Merchandize Centers, 3 Major Venue Deals, a brand new eSports Website, top global brands following in the footsteps of previous Red Bull, Chrylser and Samsung deals, best in class media partnerships, a fanatical community, local government and ministry backing… And I am even holding all the BIG news back!”