PLG Invitational DOTA 2 Tournament: The Results

The PLG Invitational was the first step taken towards broadening the spectrum that PLG runs its tournaments across. It was the first fully online tournament that gathered 8 of the best teams in the Middle East to compete head to head from the comfort of their country.

A total of 8 teams were split between 3 countries: UAE, Egypt, and Jordan.  There teams showcased high level of skill and drafting.

The tournament was set on a Double Elimination format which allowed any team that faces a loss to fall to a lower Loser Bracket to crawl their way back up the ladder to meet yet again in the finals. All these teams proved their potential and earned their invitation to this tournament and future ones to come.

From the UAE, Team 4^Soulz, DoA, M4Ks, Q.United, and NoSkillz performed remarkably and gave us the privilege to witness some of the best plays and in some cases comebacks this region’s pro scene has had the pleasure to showcase.

From Egypt, Team No Terrorblade and from Jordan, Team is Lost and 4 Bunnies 1 Turtle, have made it very hard for the UAE teams to dominate this tournament as we have seen 2 of these teams reach the Finals for a 3 way Showdown between the winner and loser brackets. It was phenomenal seeing these teams bring in new methods to go about the new Meta and showoff their line ups. The first 4 teams to be knocked down to the loser brackets after a Best of One Series were DoA, Team is Lost, 4^Soulz, and Q.United.

Team is Lost from Jordan managed to eliminate Team DoA that was compiled of some of the best Filipino players in the UAE. The first round of the loser brackets was also a best of one series and also witnessed one of the longest tournament games 81 minutes and one a series of clutch players from 4^Soulz to make a dominant comeback in the 80th minute from inevitable defeat and a gold deficit of 30,000 gold against Q.United! That almost gave our beloved caster a heart attack.

4^Soulz is a team that was compiled from a number of clans like the Wutang Clan and DemonDayz who also had one of the best Arab mid players in the region whereas team Q.United a full Filipino team from one of the most famous gaming cafes in Dubai, Q Club. These players have been around several teams and performed at multiple tournaments with great results, it was a shame to see them go but what a finish to that game.

The first winner round was filled with excitement as the game series were shifted to a Best of Three and remained that way to the grand finals which was set to a Best of Five. 4B1T took on M4Ks a team that has one of the top players with solo MMR !Attacker who is also known to be the Best Kunkka Player in the world and has earned a 7k Solo MMR at some point of his Ranked Career. It was unfortunately not enough to take on 4B1T and were pushed down to play against 4^Soulz which then were eliminated from the whole tournament.

NoSkills went on to defeat 4B1T in the Winner bracket semifinals to guarantee a spot in the grand finals and a 1 point advantage in the best of five series. Back in the loser brackets were a number of unexpected turn of events! NoTerrorblade eliminates Team is Lost in the second round and 4^Soulz in a very convincing third round. It was unfortunate to see them eliminated against 4 Bunnies 1 Turtle in a very decisive 2 to nothing win.

Make sure to check more in-depth features of the  tournament via our partners Arab Hardware

Make sure to check more in-depth features of the tournament via our partners Arab Hardware

In the grand finals, NoSkillz who had a combination of great Core players and even greater supports went into the finals after not losing a single set in the winner brackets and gained a 1 point advantage in this best of five which meant they only needed 2 wins to seal the deal where 4B1T needed 3 wins.

In the most shockingly convincing turn of events, 4 Bunnies 1 Turtle claimed game 1 in a little under 15 minutes and never slowed down since. The final score of the series was 3-1 for the Champions of the first installment of the PLG Invitational Dota 2 Tournament and a first place prize of 10,000 Emirati Dirhams where NoSkillz fall in second with 5,000 AED and NoTerrorblade take third place with 1,000 AED.