PLG Grand Slam 2018 Semi Finals and Finals Summary

The PLG Grand Slam Finals included 8 teams that qualified from the Open Qualifiers and 8 teams that got a direct invite. It also included a world-class talents panel including the likes of James Banks as the desk host, Bleh and Vendetta as analysts, Harry and Hugo as casting duo #1 and Adam “Dinko” and Alex “Snodz”. In addition to 2 professional observers, Bastian “UnknownFME” and Jake “Zarx”.


The competition was fierce. Some people predicted who the champions will be but never expected a team like forZe to reach the semis

Starting from the Group Stages,

Group A:

It was no surprise that Fnatic and YGSharks were going to qualify over 5Power and Energy Esports. Both teams dominated their group.

Group B:

Tyloo was the clear favorite in the group and they managed to qualify with ease. Team struggled but eventually made it after defeating GrayHound and NASR eSports in their decider matches.

Group C:

G2 Esports were expected to qualify easily. However, they lost against a very strong Russian team, ForZe, who topped the group by defeating the likes of ShotCallers and AVANGAR

Group D:

HellRaisers, one of the favorites coming into the tournament, topped their group while INTZ clinched the 2nd spot by defeating BOOT.dS and chosen5 with ease.



Fnatic, forZe, YGSharks & G2 Esports dominated their opponents, INTZ, Tyloo and HellRaisers, respectively, 2-0 in all matches.

However, the semi-finals were crazy. Fnatic were on the verge of losing against forZe in one of the most hyped matches we’ve seen throughout the competition. However, Fnatic’s experience in later stages of tournaments came to the rescue as they barely got the win 2-1. On the other side, YGSharks convincingly won the first map and then G2 made a dominating comeback and had a flawless win in the 3rd map.


Fnatic vs. G2 Esports. A rivalry match-up that kept on repeating for many tournaments but this time in a final! G2 Esports haven’t lost picking their favorite map, dust2, throughout the tournament. It was Fnatic that managed to stop that dominance, 16-11. Fnatic’s map pick, Mirage, was a very close one. Kept on going back and forth until Fnatic managed to win some crucial rounds that broke the economy of G2 and had them winning 16-14, 2-0 in total to be crowned as the Champions of PLG Grand Slam.