Starting off the 5th season of the Call of Duty Super League was our first LAN event of the Season, The Draft. The Draft took place in Mirdif City Center at the PLG Zone where several teams attended to compete on a 2 day long round robin where each team needs to play against every other team in the Draft and the wins are converted into points at the end of the 2 day LAN charade.

Only the top 4 teams will be drafted into the super league which is capped at 20 teams until Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is released in November where the cap will be increased and more teams will be able to partake in the yearlong competitive journey.

The top 4 teams in the 4 v 4 brackets were ranked as follows:

  • Team Klar1ty (K1) took first place with 20 points and also never lost a map throughout the duration of the Draft, tied once vs K1 Scary. They start off the season securing 4000 AED.
  • Team Destiny is tied with Team K1 Scary in second and third place with 13 points. The prize pool of the second and third place was split between both teams leaving each team with 1500 AED.
  •  Team KRPT and Primal Gaming trail behind with 5 points and 2 points respectively. Both teams did not get a share of the prize pool but managed to secure a spot in the Season 5 CoD Super League.