PLG City Heroes Recap

In the past week, our PLG City Heroes Tournament for Dragon ball FighterZ and Tekken 7 ran with over 50 Players, all with one goal in mind: reaching the final 8 spots in the ultimate challenge: PLG Grand Slam.
PLG City Heroes with VOX Cinemas is a new eSports tournament series that will offer players the chance to represent and play for their City within the Middle East.

In the PLG City Heroes Dragon Ball Fighter Z tournament, the champ Abdullah Buhannad managed to achieve first place securing a spot in the SEA Major which will be held in Singapore, competing on a global level on a prize of $5000, and by being among the top 8 winners he qualified to the PLG Grand Slam to compete on another $5000 with his brand new Hori Hayabusa Arcade Stick that will help him during his journey in the FGC wolrd .

Winner DBFZ

7 more players will be competing with Abdullah in the PLG Grand Slam :

1-Rashed al Harmoodi “Lord Snackington”

2-Saeed Al Yileili “CloudXZA”

3-Vasu Jain “Zenox_”

4-Ritik Sharma “FMAB777″

5-Majed Abdulrahman Alhamdan “majed00″

6-Amir Thabet “TrulyAmiracle”

7-Suhail Mohammed


The tournament brought us many exciting events and surprises, one of them was Arslan Ash, the guy who defeated Tekken master in the Tekken 7 tournament where he achieved the first place securing a spot in the PLG Grand Slam and wining a Hori Hayabusa Arcade Stick to help him during his journey in the FGC World .

and those are the 7 players that qualified to the Grand Slam along with Arslan Ash :

1- Sayed Hashim “Tekken Master”

2-Ahmad AlBlooshi “Loroyogi”

3-Nosherwan Khalid “Jumperr”

4-Sultan Rashed

5- Nouh Jamal “Nouh”

6-Seyedemad Hashemizadeh “Razor”

7-Calvin Austin De Souza “Calattack”


congratulations to all the winners,we are sure we will be seeing a lot of competition and excitement in this journey and we can’t to see the level they reach when they hit the Grand Slam.