NVIDIA Geforce Cup Egypt – The Results

Egypt Games Week on August 20th hosted the worldwide reveal of the brand new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950, a true gaming GPU designed for every PC gamer. The show also hosted the first ever NVIDIA Geforce Cup in the Middle East, which pit 8 of the best teams of the country.


After a very intense day of back to back games of Dota 2, the Nvidia GeForce Cup has witnessed an extremely high level of skills and team work. The Egyptian gaming community has proven time and time again that it does embrace a vast amount of competitive teams ready to compete at an international level.


Out of the 8 teams that attended that day, only one team came out victorious to win the biggest cut of the $3000 prize pool worth $1700, a glorious cup, a sponsorship deal with Nvidia, and the title “Champions of the GeForce Cup Egypt” at Egypt Games Week.


Grand Winner of the Geforce Cup Egypt: Team Bend Over

Team Bend Over were the ones to walk away with that beautiful pile of goodies but were forced to work hard to earn it since Team Known For was not planning on going down without a fight. Taking second place, Team Known For is no stranger to the competitive scene and has been Bend Over’s toughest rivals throughout previous LAN events and online tournaments.


Second Place Winner of the Geforce Cup Egypt: Team Known For

Falling short at the Semi-Finals, Team Notorious Villains Gaming had it rough against Team Bahaleel but came out victorious against them in the Bronze match using a pocket pick no one was ready for. The ultimate troll and master of the fiery arrows, Huskar carried NVG to win third place at the GeForce Cup leaving Bahaleel at dead 4th place.


Third Place Winner of the Geforce Cup Egypt: Team NVG

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