MSI Beat it 2014 | DOTA 2 Middle East Qualifiers

The DotA 2 MSI Beat IT is finally here in the Middle East for an epic qualifier that will determine who the best in the region is! A pool of 64 teams will battle on the 13th and 14th of august online while being administered by Fnatic Personnel until none but 4 teams remain who will battle at the LAN Finals held here in Dubai on 6th of September.

This qualifier is open to a list of countries in the Middle East and the Arab world. At least 3 players in each team need to be from the countries accepted in the MEA qualifier, the list of countries accepted for the MEA Qualifier is located below.

Flight and accommodation will be provided for the final 4 teams to attend the LAN FINALS in Dubai.


The 4 finalists will battle at the LAN Finals in Dubai for a full expense covered trip to the Global Grand Final in Taipei on the 1st and 2nd of November.

The MEA Qualifier will start on the 13th of August and will last for 2 days. (13-14 August)

To Register please go to and check out the MEA Qualifier Section.

You can watch the games through the DotA 2 Client by going to MSI Beat IT in the Live Tournament Section. Details of any external streams will be enclosed shortly before the qualifier begins.

The playing schedule for the Qualifier:

Day 1 – 13th of August

Round of 64 – 32 Matches – Best of One – 18:00 GST
Round of 32 – 16 Matches – Best of One – 19:30 GST
Round of 16 – 8 Matches – Best of Three – 21:00 GST


Day 2 – 14th of August

Quarter Final 1 and 2 – Best of Three – 18:00 GST
Quarter Final 3 and 4 – Best of Three – 21:00 GST

The countries accepted in the MEA Qualifier are:




Saudi Arabia









United Arab Emirates (UAE)