Mortal Kombat XL Cup – The Middle East Finals

Fatalities, Brutalities, Combos, Counters… This is the life of a PLG Kombatant, and we were happy to host the 2016 edition of the Middle East Mortal Kombat tournament: the Mortal Kombat XL Cup Middle East Finals!


After the Middle East and International Finals of the Mortal Kombat Cup back in 2015, Power League gaming welcomed every Kombatant in the region to a new challenge, with the 2016 Mortal Kombat XL Cup Middle East Qualifiers. This tournament was hosted at MEFCC 2016, and had over 128 players fight their way on the the 8th of April, to reach the 15 open spot to the Mortal Kombat XL Cup Middle East Finals on April 9th. Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and over 12 different countries participated in this event, and we ended up with one amazing Final 16 bracket,  which included the 2015 Middle East Champion Sayed Hashim.

After a brutal double elimination final, we are happy to announce that Sayed Hashem (Bahrain) has been crowned the Middle East Champion for now the second year in a row, followed by Aziz Aljawder from Bahrain as the runner up.  Not only did they win a respective cash prize of 2000 Euros and 1000 Euros, but also travel and accommodation to take part in the European Mortal Kombat XL Cup Final taking place at Dreamhack in Jönköping, Sweden (on the 18th-21st June) and represent the region.


We wish them the best of luck, and will be covering their performance live from Dreamhack on our official Twitter in June, and hopefully by winning the European Final in Sweden, these players will then secure travel and accommodation and a spot to the oldest and most renowned fighting game championship series: EVO 2016 (Las Vegas, U.S.A., 15th-17th July).