League of Legends 5v5 Tournament Rules

Selection Process

  • All Players must be living in the MENA region only and must be registered on the PLG website.
  • Team captains are required to update the admin beforehand and provide full details on players and Stand-ins. This includes full name, in game nickname, and steam account.
  • All teams must provide Passport copies (or residency) or ID card in case they didn’t yet. In case a team qualified to the final stage and failed to provide the documents mentioned, they will be disqualified .

Bracket Rules

  • Tournament format is Double elimination.
  • All Stages Best of 1
  • Semi Finals – Best of 3
  • Losers Finals – Best of 3
  • Finals – Best of 5

Starting Match

  • All teams are expected to be there and confirm their attendance 30 minutes before the start of the match.

Recording Matches

  • There will be 1 stream everyday randomly picked for along with the featured games, semi finals and finals with live commentary .

Schedule Change

  • Game dates are subject to change if the situation and time table allows it
  • Any team with a problem regarding the date change will need to provide a valid and reasonable excuse to demand a date change.
  • Schedule is subject to change in the following circumstances:
    • If the team appeals for date change 48 hours before their original match date.
    • Both teams need to be on a mutual agreement for the date change.
    • The new date cannot be more than 24 hours away from the original date.

Breach of Rules

  • Foul language, offensive and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated from any player and will result in the following:
    • First Warning that the team captain has to acknowledge
    • Second Warning will lead to forfeiting the game
    • Third Warning will lead to disqualification from the tournament

Disconnect/connection issues

  • If a Bugsplat, disconnect, or any other failure occurs which interrupts the loading process and prevents a player from joining a game upon game start, the game must be immediately paused until all ten players are connected to the game.
  • If a game experiences a critical bug at any point during the match that significantly alters game stats or gameplay mechanics, or the external environmental conditions become untenable then a restart may occur.
  • If a player disconnects at a later stage of the game and couldn’t reconnect, his team can pause but not to exceed the pause-allowance, once the pause allowance have been exceeded the match must go on, and in case of refusing the team will lose that game.
  • Pause Allowance: Teams may pause the Game for a maximum of 10 minutes over the course of a single Game( best of 3 case) or 20 minutes over the course of a Match ( best of 3 ) and 15 Minutes for the best of 1 matches. Pausing beyond allowance-time will be considered unfair play and match must be un-paused.

Game Admin

  • In case of any dispute regarding any issue, the final decision will be made by the admin.
  • Game Admin has the power to refute any rule depending on the situation at hand.
  • These Rules may be amended, modified or supplemented by PLG, from time to time, in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of PLG.

Important Advice: please check your PC and connection on the day of the match, if you feel like your connection isn’t stable or there is something wrong with your pc, please go to the nearest Gaming Network cafe to ensure a stable steady connection and a great gaming experience and to avoid causing any delays in the match