Introducing a brand new league: PLG Nationals

To cap its 5th year Anniversary, the leading eSports operator and video game tournament organizer in the Middle East, Power League Gaming launch the PLG Nationals, a new set of leagues and a gateway for amateur gamers to rise to a fully professional status. The PLG Nationals will run in two seasons, from February to May followed by August to November, each year leading to higher level professional competitions like the PLG Grand Slam and global competitions operated by PLG regionally and internationally for its partners.

Players and teams will be able to compete online on their preferred title, as well as at the PLG Arena live LANs and PLG Events with select partners. They may compete on console and or PC under the given rules for each platform. The best matches and national finals will be broadcast online streamed live in Arabic. Once players emerge from the PLG Nationals victorious, the players and teams will be given the opportunity to join the PLG Academy where team owners, brands and sponsors will be able to gain access to these players as they look to turn professional.  It will be a key step to bridge the gap from amateur to pro and overcome many past challenges.

So what do you need to do? All that is required for players is a valid residents visa for that country (not necessarily a national by birth) and to abide to the rules and regulations of each tournament such as age restrictions. Existing regional programs such as Fanta Gaming Masters and others, have and will play a key role in this critical development for the years ahead.


The reveal of titles, venues, partners, brands, broadcasters and alike has begun to materialize and will continue over the coming months. PLG has always worked with leading publishers and brands, such as the Fanta Gaming Masters league integrating to FIFA 17 FUT Championship Series; Red Bull Player One with League of Legends; The Mortal Kombat Middle East Cup; Etisalat Super Cup; Call of Duty World League with PS4 and many others. Now PLG will grow its team and strengthen its assets to support the big leagues from the ground up and play a key role in the development of professional eSports ecosystem.

Venues such as VOX Cinema Middle East, Yas Marina Circuit – Abu Dhabi, Zara Expo – Amman, Intercontinental City Stars – Cairo, RICEC – Riyadh and DWTC in Dubai, all share a legacy of hosting major eSports activity with PLG, but it will not end there.

For more information on the PLG Nationals, please visit the dedicated site over at available in both English and Arabic languages. You can also start joining PLG Nationals tournaments right now by clicking here to visit the tournament page on our website.