Days away from the start of Power League Gaming’s Fourth Season, we are excited to reveal our most prized gaming battlefield: the PLG Grand Arena.03


A state of the art multi-title and platform gaming tournament stage, the PLG Grand Arena consist of three different section which will each host award winning title tournaments including Electronic Arts’ Titanfall, Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, EA Sports FIFA 14, Riot Games’ League of Legends and of course Valve’s DOTA 2. The side of the arena will also be massively loaded thanks to our esteemed sponsors, with Fanta, HyperX, NVIDIA, ASUS, Samsung UHD TV, Warner Bros. Games,  Xbox and PlayStation. 

PLG Grand Arena

FIFA 14 will give the opportunity for players to progress from amateur league to semi-pro to professional this year. Our community challenges and major events in partnership with EA Sports will be some of the biggest this year. Join us at the PLG Grand Arena for one of the biggest eSports championships in the world.


With teams competing all across the region, in a franchise that set so many FPS standards, we are proud to host the Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament all across the Middle East. This year’s tournament will kick-start in April, at the PLG Grand Arena at the 2014 Middle East Film & Comic Con.


Our central stage will feature many invitational matches, including Titanfall, League of Legends, and most importantly DOTA 2, with the coming of the 2013 The International DOTA 2 Champions: Team Alliance – HyperX. With a winning streak of twelve different championship since April 2013 – including the DOTA 2 Champions League, Dreamhack Summer 2013 ASUS ROG Cup and of course The International 2013 – Team Alliance will give the chance for local professional teams to showcase their skills and beat them in an Invitational Tournament from April 4.


The biggest title to alter the course of the FPS scene in years with stunning multiplayer gameplay, has now landed in PLG. EA Games have published a stunning title from Respawn that has every trigger happy gamer aiming for big expectation on the competitive scene. Qatar based PLG Professionals: Team ChaoZ Gaming will be the guest of honor at the PLG Grand Arena Titanfall Invitational Tournament .