Introducing PLG City Heroes

PLG City Heroes with VOX Cinemas is a new eSports tournament series that will offer players the chance to represent and play for their City within the Middle East.

Players will be invited to play in qualifications (or drafts) in a variety of VOX cinemas locations across the region. They can then choose to join that City Heroes team and play vs other City Heroes in opposing teams. They will receive a team kit, hardware and accessories to support them in their pursuit for glory.

You do not have to be part of a professional team to enjoy eSports, so this is exactly why PLG City Heroes was created, we are giving players the opportunity to be treated like Pros, play against their rivals and earn great rewards for themselves and their community. All of this is being facilitated in a state of the art entertainment facility, VOX Cinemas!

The  full calendar of events and tournaments will be revealed very soon, opening up to many cities and players across the region, while in the meantime we are rolling out with an exciting opportunity for our FGC fans.

You will not only compete to get a spot at the SEA Major 2018 on Dragon Ball FightersZ (DBFZ), but aim to be in the top 8 in either DBFZ and or Tekken 7 to advance to the inaugural PLG Grand Slam this December for 5,000 USD prize pool.