How can I participate?

All you must do is spend a minimum of 300 AED in the mall you wish to compete at and you will get a Token that will grant you one chance to enter the qualification round.

What if I spend more than 300 AED?
For every 300 AED, you will be granted 1 Token to participate. A maximum of 4 Tokens can be claimed regardless of the bill total.

How do I claim my Token to play?
You simply go to the registration desk at the FIFA stand and sign up for your match. The promoters will put you in a match against another participant. Make sure you input your contact information correctly.

What about Lebanon?
The challenge in Lebanon is a bit different. The token will be granted per $70 worth of purchase in all stores at City Center Beirut (with the exception of Carrefour). The daily prize will be different as well, which is $350

Can I keep my token with me after I sign up?
No, you must make sure that the activity promoters have received your token and registered the unique number on the token next to your name, to validate your entry and participation in the EA Sports FIFA 18 Challenge.

What happens after I win my first match?
The promoter will ask you to come back at 8 pm to play against other players who have entered the daily qualifier. Please make sure you provide the promoters with your correct contact information, such as phone number or email address.

Can I register for a daily qualifier after 8 pm?
No, after 8 pm is the qualification round for everyone that came that day to decide who is the winner. You may sign up for a different day and keep your token with you until you show up to play.

What do I win in the daily qualifier?
You win a 1000 AED Gift Card to be used at one of the participating MAF Mall retail stores if you win first place, as well as qualifying to the EA Sports FIFA 18 Challenge finals on the 14th of July

If I lose my first match, can I try again?
Of course, you can, but you have to use another Token in order to try again and will probably play against a different player.

Can I use another Token if I lose in the qualification round?
No. Once you have lost in the qualification round, you have to come and try again another day where you play your first match again and make your way into the qualification round again.

If I have more than one Token, do I have to use them all now?
No, you can use these Tokens any day of the week until the 13th of July. Only tokens obtained in a specific mall will be claimed in the same one.

When is the last chance for us to qualify to the finals?
You can try to qualify every day from the 23rd of June until the 13th of July. For Lebanon, it’s from the 23rd of June until the 16th of July.

When are the Finals?
The finals for the UAE will take place on Saturday 14th July 2018 at City Center Mirdif in the Center Galleria. For Lebanon, it’s on the 17th of July.

What is the grand prize?
The champion of the UAE finals on the 14th of July will be rewarded with a 50,000 AED Gift Card. For Lebanon, it’s on the 17th of July, and the winner will be awarded a $3000 Gift Card.

What is the gaming challenge format?
The format of the gaming challenge is called Single Elimination. Which simply means that if you win your game you will move on to the next round. If you lose your match you will match you are eliminated from the tournament immediately, no second chances.

What are the rules of the gaming challenge?
• 4 minutes per half
• World Class difficulty
• Tele Broadcast Camera Angle
• No Injuries
• No Hand Ball
• Tactical Defense only
• Game Speed: Normal
• If the game is tied, then we go to Silver Goal and then Penalties to decide the winner
• Players can use Custom Tactics but not Custom Formation.

Can I pick any team I want?
You can select any League Football Club or National Team only. Special teams like All-Stars and other are not allowed.

Can anyone participate in these gaming challenges? 
To participate in these tournaments, players need to be national citizens or legal residents of the United Arab Emirates, and aged 12 years old or above. For Lebanon, you need to be a legal citizen or resident of Lebanon with no age restrictions.