FIFA 14 The Million Player Tournament: The Recap

The holy month of Ramadan was filled with blessings and excitement. Following our first Million Player Tournament in 2013, this year’s Million Player took place in the heart of football and its fans. Al Jazeera Club in the Capital Abu Dhabi.

PLG The Million Player Fanta Masters 3

Under the Patronage of H.H Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayid Al Nahyan, the support of Fanta and PLG, this year’s Million Player was nothing short of a success.

With fans from all over the Arab World joining during the Holy Month to participate, qualify, and compete. Only a solid 256 players remain for the grand final Stage where it was a Knockout Format and one loss can mean the end of a player’s journey for the One Million Dirham Prize.

PLG The Million Player Fanta Masters 6

We have had a mind boggling number of people fight to qualify into the grand final stage and were far from surprised our Fanta Masters from all over the Arab world have made the cut to compete for the grand finale. 8 Fanta Masters from Saudi were present for the grand finale, accompanied by 4 Fanta Masters from Bahrain and another 6 from the UAE. They have performed at a much higher level than they have ever anticipated as no one was ready for the pressure a Million Dirhams can do.

PLG The Million Player Fanta Masters 7

Masters with nerves of steel proved to be worthy opponents and despite some of them falling short in the early stages we have witnessed games that mimic the intensity of the grand final game itself very early in the day.

After a steady marathon of close calls and clutch performances we have seen Fanta Masters battle each other into the latter stages where we saw an amazing game between 2 masters fight neck and neck from each other only for one master to score a clutch goal to grant him a total of 5 goals to 4 goals and move on to the final stages of the event.

PLG The Million Player Fanta Masters 1

The person who proceeded from that game went on to Win the Grand Prize of One Million Dirhams after Amro Al Rasheedi beat Moh’d Al Hammadi in a Penalty Shootout to win the Million after a close game tie of 0 – 0.

PLG The Million Player Fanta Masters 2

It was this grand company of masters that were nurtured and supported by Fanta that led the race to the million to have one of the Fanta Masters stand tall with a grand prize of One Million Dirhams. The young man from Palestine only at the age of 19 is now the youngest Arab Million Player in the World and is an Ambassador of Arab Gamers, PLG, and Fanta.